Bites Between Yoga Classes

As a yoga teacher, I am often running between classes and studios, with an hour here and there to spare. What does one do with an hour to spare in Melbourne? Eat of course. And if I’m heading back to work, I want it to be healthy. Here are some of my picks for healthy eats. Some newer venues, others old favouites. 


Nutrition Bar

You know you go somewhere a lot when the guy behind the counter looks and you and says, “Yep, spinach today?’ and I say “Yep.” In those four words, we’ve agreed on a Protein Acai Bowl, with almond milk instead of coconut water (fructose issues), and added spinach for something green. This place is perfect for quick stops. Acai bowls, smoothies and shakes, and delicious protein balls from Health Lab. With one in Windsor, one in Richmond, and one on St Kilda Road, it’s easy for a lot of us.

Screenshot 2015-09-17 16.10.46

Source Bulk Foods

These guys know good ingredients. Here you can buy bulk goods for any healthy treat you have in mind. Roasted nuts, raw organic cacao powder, acai powder, and some pre-made bliss balls. Plus everything else in between. The price and the convenience keeps me coming back.


Image via venue

Drugstore Espresso

This place is perfect for a post yoga bite to eat on a weekend. Lazy brunches here include perfectly brewed cold brew coffee, acai bowls with beetroot, coconut bowls of healthy indulgence, and some very lovely – and might I say handsome – staff. Go for the food, stay for the conversation.


Image via venue

Walk Don’t Run

As a yogi, anywhere that promotes mindfulness and meditation sparks my interest. Walk Don’t Run is all about taking time to enjoy ingredients that are sourced with purpose. Organic local ingredients create healthy dishes like house made life loaf with sugar-free raw chia raspberry jam and whipped ricotta or the raw organic granola with acai berries, chia yoghurt, and seasonal fruits.



LBSS has as much personality as it does good food. With a newspaper style menu to read, you can enjoy your coffees hot or bottled and cold, with any milk you can think of including house made almond milk. With a focus on healthy eats you’ll be able to order the acai bowl with spiced granola or the sticky kumara served with kimchi slaw, cashew cream, and eggs.



A local for me, Barry is somewhere I avoid on the weekends due to the whole of Melbourne being there. But I don’t blame them. Heading there midweek is a luxury, I know, but it’s when Barry is as busy as any regular café would be on the weekends, meaning tables are ready for you, and the food tastes as good as it would Sunday morning. Bowls of smashed avocado, ricotta, seeds and herbs are served with thick cut toast, while raw zucchini spaghetti is served with kale, basil, and sun-dried tomato pesto.

Where do you go for your healthy eats?

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