Feast of Merit, Richmond

Working in Richmond these days, I am constantly looking for new pre-work breakfast spots. Feast of Merit, a relatively new cafe on Swan Street, fits that bill nicely.

Feast of Merit is the newest hospitality venue from the social enterprise Y Gap. Yes, this means the money you pay for your coffee is doing more than simply fueling your caffeine addiction and paying wages. All the profits raised at Feast of Merit go to support youth education and youth leadership projects in Malawi, Ghana, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and even right here in Australia.

Photo 12-03-2014 8 27 15 am

If that’s not enough to get you there, then the space itself should be. It’s rustic, all exposed brick and hanging lights, and it’s simply stunning.

The food is pretty damn good too. They focus on local and sustainable produce, and health is a top priority as well. They mix in a heavy dose of Middle Eastern flavours, resulting in an all day menu, that will keep you coming back.

Photo 12-03-2014 8 30 11 am

For breakfast on one particular morning I went for poached eggs with a side of avocado. The bread was beautifully charred, and gave a very simple breakfast something different.

Photo 12-03-2014 9 11 03 am

The backyard fruits, chia seeds, orange blossom, yoghurt ice, and smoked almonds was also ordered. So beautiful.

Photo 12-03-2014 9 07 55 am


Lunchtime sees three salads, with three proteins to choose from. For my first lunchtime visit on another occasion I went with the pumpkin, chickpea, and seed salad topped with herbs and tahini. I added a side of BBQ fish with chermoula. It was the perfect lunch serving, and for around $10, it is insane value.

Photo 28-05-2014 2 08 02 pm

This space in a word: beautiful. The coffee, the space, the food, and the philosophy, all beautiful. I’m a fan.


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  1. Beautiful written and looks really interesting.

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