• Bites Between Yoga Classes

    As a yoga teacher, I am often running between classes and studios, with an hour here and there to spare. What does one do with an hour to spare in Melbourne? Eat of course. [...]
  • Yoga, my favourite addiction.

    Some of you know that I’ve recently completed my 200h Yoga Teacher Training and started teaching here in Melbourne. But a lot of you might not know why. The list of reasons [...]
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Bites Between Yoga Classes

by amystown in Health

As a yoga teacher, I am often running between classes and studios, with an hour here and there to spare. What does one do with an hour to spare in Melbourne? Eat of course. [...]

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  • Working in Richmond these days, I am constantly looking for new pre-work breakfast spots. Feast of Merit, a relatively new cafe on Swan Street, fits that bill nicely. Feast [...]






🎈 Happiest of birthdays to the wonderful @sarahlindaturner! I could go on for hours but I'll just say, you're one of a kind and I count my lucky stars you're in my life. Here's to so many more laughs, yoga classes, adventures trying new things, and long chats over wine and hot chips. You're stuck with me forever now. Love you! 🎈🎉💜 When you don't have to choose. ✨ #balance @iamhertribe always on point. One of the best parts of this strange and wonderful yogi life is the many different people you meet along the way. Me and my girl @jennaleamcinnes being silly. 🌱✨💜 #yogaisbettertogether Sometimes getting up early to teach is hard. But sometimes the sky looks like this and you forget about it being hard. 💙 #thiswasnttoday #stillbeautiful #lastthursday If only I packed breakfasts (and lunches and snacks, let's be honest) as good as this when I was in school. 🍓🥄 #alwaysontherun #yoga213 I love books and I love words. Always will. Some Sunday R&R mixed with some motivation. 📘 #bookswillneverdie Mornings at @good_vibes_yoga. ✨🌱 Warming up the guns for Friday training with @fitept. 💪🏼 You gotta admit, I'm pretty terrifying. 😳🙄 #ornot #fightfitcollingwood @fightfitboxing Soothe | this Saturday I'm running a two hour workshop at @hereyoga from 2-4pm on how we can use our practice to help with stress and anxiety. 
To be very honest, I used to be controlled by my anxiety and know how consuming it can be. Yoga was the best thing I ever tried. While I'm not sure things ever truly disappear, we learn how to manage and understand what's happening. And use what we know to help ourselves feel better. 
Come along this Saturday for some breathing, a slow vinyasa practice, some deep Yin postures, and a meditation. With time to chat about it all at the end. I aim to give you tips to take home with you to help you live a less stressful life off the mat. You can book through @hereyoga. #hereyoga #yogaforstress Well, damn. 👊🏼 #aintthatthetruth After teaching what felt like 78 classes last week, I was all over the place. It's amazing what a sleep-in, a training session (thanks @tysonven), and a big healthy lunch can do. Feeling human again. ✨👌🏼 #sleepisthebest #drivingselfies People always say I have crazy long arms, but look at all the reaching I can do. 😂🙊✨ #skandasana #fav #alwaysreaching #ilovetoreach The littlest of selfies after a big morning at @good_vibes_yoga. ✨🌱#goodvibes #saturdaymornings Strong 💪🏼. If you've spoken to me in the past few months I've probably mentioned Wonder Woman 😂. I've finally figured out why I find her so inspiring. Growing up, girls see two types of women. One is the nice, loving, happy, beautiful woman who often has strong men at her side. The other is the bitter, jaded woman who became strong because she had to. She usually sees men as disposable and not worth her time (I'm exaggerating and generalising I know). Wonder Woman is strong because she grew up around strong women and wanted to be like them. She has just as much love as she does strength. She also loves men and chooses to be with them because she wants to not because she has to. 
I'm not exaggerating when I say I use her for motivation when I think I'm not strong enough to keep going. And if a grown ass woman like me feels like that, imagine what little girls will think. I hope young girls get more role models like her. Because when I grow up I want to be like Wonder Woman 🥊 .

Thanks to my girl @sarahlindaturner for taking a photo of me warming up for #wonderwomantraining but also for being a strong woman I look up to. 👯