Feeling virtuous @ Admiral Cheng Ho, Abbotsford

It’s no secret I’m all into the health craze. For those of you not rolling your eyes, let’s talk about Admiral and his wonderful treats.

If you haven’t heard of Monk Bodhi Dharma from Marwin Shaw, the first restaurant from the team behind Admiral, start Googling. Like, now. I’ll wait.

So now you know that Monk Bodhi Dharma is all about specialty coffee and teas alongside a killer menu that features gluten free, raw, and vegan dishes.  Now we can get back to Admiral Cheng Ho, their newest opening on Johnston Street in Abbotsford. Let me give you a hint, they offer the same category of drinkables and eatables. Just in a more convenient location for us Northsiders.

 Photo 13-02-2014 8 16 53 am

The interior is made up of recycled and salvaged materials, creating that relaxed, yet well-made, industrial look. It’s comfortable, it’s familiar and it’s the perfect place for brunch.

Starting with coffee is no easy feat. Of course, you can order a skinny cap and be on your way, but if you’re interested in brews, you can choose from a changing six grinders operating each day. Sometimes they will be seriously premium and cost $20 a cup. Other times not so much.

 Photo 2-02-2014 10 38 42 am

Now you’ve got a coffee we can get to the menu. As I said before, they cater for the health conscious among us.

The Cheng’s Granola is a mix of spiced raw granola served with seasonable fruit, house made hazelnut milk and what tasted like sweetened cashew cream. It’s sweet, filling, and delicious. All the while, rather virtuous.

Photo 13-02-2014 8 33 56 am

Umami Mushrooms sees slow roasted king oyster, shitake, oyster, and swiss brown mushrooms served on house made pumpkin, spinach, and sundried tomato bread topped with goats cheese, thyme, and red chilli oil.

It wouldn’t be Melbourne if there was no smashed avo on the menu, and the Avoca Ho a mix of avocado, feta, mint, and lemon served on organic sourdough, will give the rest of Melbourne a run for their money.

 Photo 2-02-2014 10 58 46 am

For those who care about gluten free and raw options this is a keeper. For those who don’t, it’s just as good. Don’t expect bacon and sausage, however.


3 Comments on Feeling virtuous @ Admiral Cheng Ho, Abbotsford

  1. I am thrilled that the Monk Bodhi team set us up something on the northside! I’m a fan of the pancakes – about as unhealthy as you can get on this menu. 😉

  2. I was in Melbourne for ANZAC Day (down from Sydney for the weekend) and I made sure I went to dinner that night at Monk Bodhi Dharma. I think we may have been talking to the owner at the end and we told him that Sydney NEEDS the restaurant. Whilst I don’t drink Coffee, I’m sure that an Admiral Cheng Ho would do well up here as well. Monk Bodhi Dharma is a must, though 🙂

  3. Wow, thank you so much for posting this! It is going to help me when I research Gourmet Coffee online! So Beautiful!

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