20 things I learnt from doing a 20 Day Yoga Challenge


Some of you might know that I have been getting into my yoga as of late. My preferred studio is Yoga 213 in South Yarra where they do hip hop yoga. Yep, that’s right. And no, it’s not hip-hop moves, or synchronised to the music. It’s simply yoya – vinyasa flow to be exact – done with hip-hop music in the background. Snoopdog – or Snoop Lion should I say, Drake, Frank Ocean, they all make an appearance.  Sammy Veall is the gorgeous lady to thank for bringing this to Melbourne. And if you get the chance to see her do her thang, I challenge you not to want to give it a go. Being taught by her and the inspiring Lola Berry for 20 days was a joy.

Practicing yoga every day was both challenging and rewarding (do I sound like a yoga wanker yet?), so here are 20 things that I learnt from my 20 day yoga challenge. #Namaste.


  1. Yoga is some high intensity stuff. So. Many. Pushups.
  2. Those days when you can’t be bothered exercising; you’re too hung over, you’re too sore, you’re too tired. Those days are when you need it the most.
  3. I have better balance than I thought. Those that know me might disagree. I blame coordination not balance for falling over.
  4. Exercising before work is a godsend. Freedom from 5pm is something quite special.
  5. Heat waves suck.
  6. I don’t think I’d cope in hot yoga.
  7. Heat waves really suck.
  8. I like coconut water, who knew?
  9. Dedicating an hour a day to yourself is a very powerful thing.
  10. Excuses are bullshit.
  11. Fear of failure stops you from doing a lot of things. Eg. arm balances where you think you’ll break your face.
  12. Steve Jobs has a lot of great quotes – thanks Lola Berry for sharing them while we were in downdog.
  13. Being hung over does weird things to your balance.
  14. Yoga isn’t all about being flexible. There is a serious amount of strength to it.
  15. Yoga teachers don’t have to be wankers. At all.
  16. No one else cares what you look like. They’re too worried about themselves.
  17. Sometimes you don’t have a great session, and that’s ok. Tomorrow will be better.
  18. Matching yoga clothes are scientifically (ok, only by me) proven to make you feel bad arse.
  19. Personal goals are very fulfilling. The only person who cares if you succeed or fail is you.
  20. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

2 Comments on 20 things I learnt from doing a 20 Day Yoga Challenge

  1. You made me laugh on so many points. And I’m secretly (not so anymore) tempted to do this now.

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