My favourite Breakfast with five:am and Yousli @ Home

Breakfast or brunch is my favourite meal of the day. Going out for brunch is one of my favourite things to do, but I am also big on home-made breakfasts.

Muesli, or muesli like creations are my go-to. I have been munching on Loving Earth Deluxe Buckinis with yogurt and fruit, but recently I was lucky enough to go to a Yousli breakfast. Yousli is a brand of muesli that focuses on healthy and tasty options that you can tailor to your own tastes in their online shop.


At this breakfast we tasted the pre-made range and created our own. I made a mix of organic baked oats, spelt, buckwheat grouts, activated buckinis, puffed amaranth, sunflower seeds, baked sesame seeds, chia seeds, activated buckinis, activated almonds, pecan, sour cherries, goji berries, dates and organic sun muscats. It is divine, if I do say so myself.

Youli package

Another recent addition to my breakfast is co-yo. BUT I recently discovered five:am Yoghurt’s Coconut yoghurt. Now, this is made of real yoghurt, not coconuts, but it is so tasty (and much cheaper than co-yo), and goes perfectly with breakfast of any kind. five:am is an organic and all natural yoghurt brand that has some other seriously good flavours like dark caramel and coffee bean.

Five AM Coconut yogurt

Muesli and yoghurt are a great breakfast, but fruit really completes it, in my opinion. So, I’ve been poaching pears – with a small amount of sugar – to finish my newfound favourite. Here is my favourite breakfast – at the moment that is.


Poached Pears


2 pears
2 cups of water
1 tbsp sugar – I used Heilala Vanilla sugar
1 Cinnamon stick – you can use ground cinnamon if that’s all you have
1 vanilla pod
five:am coconut yoghurt, cacao nibs and Yousli to serve.


Place the water, sugar and vanilla pod in a saucepan over medium heat.

Once the sugar has dissolved, place the peeled, cored and quartered pears in the saucepan. Let simmer for 15-20 minutes. Remove from the heat.

Store pears in an airtight container with their poaching liquid.

To serve, layer your Yousli – or muesli – yoghurt, then poached pears. For one serve I usually go with half a cup of muesli, 100gms of yoghurt and half a poached pear. Top with cacao nibs for added texture and flavour.


This is not a complicated recipe at all, and I certainly didn’t invent it, but hey, it is pretty tasty.

I’d like to thank five:am for the yoghurt and Yousli for my very own Yousli. 


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  1. Thanks it looks very nice I’ll try it.

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