Popping My Pho Cherry @ Uncle, St Kilda

When I hear the phrase Vietnamese food, I usually think of getting rather rowdy at Binh Minh on Victoria Street in Richmond. Last time I went there, I was even given a mouse hat by the staff, but that is a tale for another day. Now when I hear Vietnamese food, I want to go to Uncle in St Kilda. They really know how to do it. Only open for a few weeks, being eaten out of all their ingredients day in and day out, they are serving up fresh authentic Vietnamese cuisine in a beautiful setting.


Downstairs you’ll find a dark cocktail bar, and upstairs, a light, wood filled restaurant space that has yellow touches and stunning handmade crockery from Fork Ceramics.

We tried many things, most in mini form and it was fun.

The lime cured hapuka, coconut, pomegranate and chilli on betel leaf was fresh and light.

Betel leaf

Another light and fresh dish was the free-range chicken slaw with fragrant herbs, bean shoots chilli and nuoc chum.


I also had my first Pho experience at Uncle. – I know, better late than never. It was a mini beef pho and was warming with a slight sweetness to it. I think I might be on the Pho bandwagon. Just like everyone else.


One of the heartier dishes circulating was the fried rice, filled with small sausage pieces that had a lovely sweet touch to them.

fried rice

We ended with a tiny little sweet creation. It was banana, sorbet and coconut cream of some sort. Delicious and oh-so-cute.


I want to head back and order some of the other menu items like the sweet potato fries with black salt (maybe not so authentic), the Ha Noi fish banh mi with turmeric, dill and mayo and the soft shell crab with butter lettuce, avocado and herbs.

ps. Look at that crockery, stunning


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