Crossing the river @ Tall Timber

Tall Timber is far from my local. I am a northside girl through and through. BUT will travel for food. It would be wrong not to. When Tall Timber opened I watched the reviews flow in quickly. As the team opened Coin Laundry and Station Street Trading Co it made sense people were rushing there. What didn’t make sense were the very mixed reviews. Finding their feet perhaps?


I ventured south side in a short but luxurious period of time I had off between recent job changes. I felt a little like a lady who lunches, or a soccer mum in a smaller car. Anyway, I digress.


So there I was on a Thursday morning, ready for some breakfasting.  The space is lovely, light and clean. Wooden furniture is coupled with white walls and cute details.

The menu is tight. It’s not overly adventurous, but it’s solid.  Toast, avocado salsa on pumpkin loaf, chocolate stuffed brioche french toast, porridge, you get the gist.

On this particular morning I was leaning towards the lighter side of the menu so I opted for the Goji berry and pistachio house cereal blend with poached fruit and yoghurt ($9.50). It also came with your choice of full cream, skinny or soy milk.


It was surprising. It was better than I was hoping for. There were pistachios and almonds speckled through the cereal flakes and the goji berries added tartness. The fruit balanced it out with sweetness and overall it managed sweet and salty which is a winning combination any time of day.

I didn’t get to sample anything else on the menu, but I have my eye on the avocado salsa on pumpkin toast and feta for when I return. You know, the whole smashed avo addiction rearing its ugly head.


Tall Timber feels like the kind of place you want to be your local. It’s homely, the staff are lovely and the food is really accessible. I’d have been back many times since if it wasn’t so far away. And I will go back.


2 Comments on Crossing the river @ Tall Timber

  1. Let me know next you’re in the neighbourhood, Amy. I’m around the corner!

    .. Tarang

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