A little salt @ Little Big Sugar Salt, Abbotsford


When it comes to brunch, there is only one real question that ever needs to be answered. Salty or sweet? Little Big Sugar Salt (LBSS), the newest thing to hit Victoria Street in Abbotsford is making all of our lives easier when it comes to this all-important question.  I give you their menu…


Broken down into salty or sweet and small or big (the name really does tell all), the menu is as easy to follow as a map. Choose your taste and decide how hungry you are. Why has no one thought of this before? Never fear, they have now.

When it comes to the coffee, LBSS is serving up fair-trade coffee from People’s Coffee in Wellington. It has a beautiful smooth finish and worked very nicely with soy milk.

LBSS Coffee

On this particular morning I was feeling like something small and salty so I went for Health ‘the aspirational meal’ of avocado, tomato, green beans and leafy herbs with toast and Vegemite ($11).

LBSS health

If you haven’t had vegemite and avocado, you seriously need to rectify this (it has become my new obsession). LBSS’s avocado breakfast was off the charts. Salty from the vegemite, creamy from the avocado and the tomato and basil were great light touches to the dish.

My friend ordered the crumpets with lemon curd and mascarpone ($8)– small and sweet. She was a happy camper. The crumpets also come with peanut butter, blue cheese and bananas. This I want to try.

LBSS Crumpets

LBSS is cosy and the kind of place you want to visit. It feels a little like a house and a café coming together. Three spaces, one near the counter with window seating and two rooms out the back, the space only seats around 20 people. They are looking to introduce outdoor seating a little later in the game.

LBSS interior

The crew behind this new café really are some of the nicest most passionate people in the business. If you get a chance to stay for a chat, you should. There is also a selfie station in the bathroom. Take a pic, put it on social media with the hashtags #lbsscafe and #selfiestation and get amongst it.

LBSS cards



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