Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar @ Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2013


I don’t know what I would do with myself if I didn’t have access to good coffee and good cocktails. It’s just best not to think about it. Thank goodness for Melbourne and her obsession with both. This year the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is making the most of the caffeinated skills of our lovely city and serving up coffee and coffee inspired tipples from some of the cities best, all in one spot, the sunny (or stinking hot as it has turned out) Southbank Queensbridge Square. Running until the 17th of March, there is plenty of coffee yet to be enjoyed.


You know those strange huge red steps at Southbank? Yeah them, well that is where this little pop up has well, popped up. Designed by HASSEL, the space is reimagining a real life terraced coffee farm. Think shipping containers, timber pallets and a lot of greenery.

During the day, one of Melbourne top café teams serve up lattes to the masses. This will see coffee from the likes of Top Paddock, 5 Senses, De Clieu, St Ali and Collective Espresso.  The night shift is taken by one of Melbourne’s top bars. Kodiak Club, Lily Blacks, Eau de Vie and many more will shake and stir.


I made it down last Thursday night when the gents from The Lui Bar were doing their thing. They were serving up three types of alcoholic pour overs …‘Probably the most time consuming cocktail of the two weeks’ laughed James from The Lui Bar.


After ordering a chocolate pour over, a mix of Belvedere Vodka, chocolate liqueur, coffee and mint we watched as it was filtered through a coffee dripper right in front of us.


A beautiful, light and refreshing cocktail that was a little like the iced coffee you’ve always wanted.


It is a beautiful space and sipping on cocktails, outside, on the banks of the Yarra surrounded by greenery and keen coffee drinkers? Well, that is my kind of evening.

Check the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival website for the full line up and how to get there.


1 Comment on Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar @ Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2013

  1. I also cannot imagine a world without coffee or booze Amy, and the Urban Coffee Farm was a great place to enjoy both!

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