Going with the flow @ Brother Alec, Thornbury

Warning: this blog post may contain traces of a hangover.

Yes folks, this particular morning, or afternoon as it turned out, I was in serious recovery mode. However, delicious food was not lost on me.

In an attempt to stick a little closer to home some friends and I ventured to Northern Soul in Thornbury for brunch. After arriving and realising they were still closed for the summer we were admittedly bummed but just followed our feet down High Street and figured something else would come along. What came along my friends was Brother Alec.

Brother Alec exterior

Being in Brother Alec feels a little like you’re at a mates place eating at their kitchen table. The wait staff are lovely and happy to have a chat. I even engaged one waitress in a very long unnecessary conversation before I realised what was happening. We both enjoyed it so it was ok.

On this particular morning it was warm and I didn’t really feel like a hot coffee or all the heaviness that comes with an iced coffee. That’s when I saw The Alaska ($4.5) which was iced water, a double shot of coffee and cold milk. What was exciting for me is you’re given your milk and a little jug of sugar syrup on the side in a create your own iced coffee adventure. It was exactly what I wanted. Light, cold and refreshing. I had two, I wont lie.

The Alaska ($4.50)

The Alaska ($4.50)

Now to the food. Their breakfast menu is heavy on the eggs and their lunch menu is made up of a handful of sandwiches. My dining partners opted for the BLAT (with bacon and haloumi – well done) ($15).



I went for the Breakfast Roll, which was, toasted Turkish bread with homemade tomato relish, basil mayo, an omelette and bacon ($12.5).

Breakfast Roll ($12.5)

Breakfast Roll ($12.5)

This was fantastic and my and hangover loved it. The homemade relish and mayo really made it.  The omelette could have packed more flavour, but combined with all the other ingredients, that might be a hard ask.

After making our initial orders we thought it would be a great idea to get nachos to share. I don’t know why, this was definitely the hang over talking, but hey it worked. They were damn fine nachos. They managed to be light, which is very rare for nachos and at only $10, why not?

Nachos ($10 for one)

Nachos ($10 for one)

All in all Brother Alec was warm, friendly and is serving up great food for less than most places. I’ll be back. Next time I might leave my hangover at home.

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