Drinking my own cocktail @ 1806, Melbourne

It’s no secret that I like to drink cocktails…many many cocktails. They are expensive yes, but they are such clever little creations.

When 1806 launched their inaugural consumer cocktail competition, I thought why not? So I put two of my favourite things in a glass – cherries and gin – and entered the Little Red Corvette.

The stage was set…(but not really because we didn’t have to make them ourselves)

My concoction broken down:

Little Red Corvette

45 ml Gin
30 ml Lime Juice
15 ml Morello Cherry Jam
Dash of Angostura Bitters

Shake together with ice (I left this in the capable hands of the 1806 crew, as I am not known for my cocktail making skills).

Little Red Corvette

My drink was chosen to be in the finals (by the guys at 1806) and last night customers of the bar let their tastebuds decide and cast their votes.

Well what do you know… my little baby won!

This means you can all taste it for yourself, as 1806 will have it running as a ‘special’ until the end of the year. You should all go try it and if you like it… who knows I might just trade in the pen for a cocktail shaker.

6 Comments on Drinking my own cocktail @ 1806, Melbourne

  1. Congrats huni 🙂 sounds SO good!

  2. Wow, congrats Amy!!

  3. I want seven. Now. This sounds amazing! Jam in a drink, as if I needed an excuse to drink at breakfast. Winner!

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