A Foodie Rendezvous @ Virginia Plain, Flinders Lane Melbourne

Yes I admit it…I make foodie friends on twitter. It has happened before and it’s likely to happen again. My trip to Virginia Plain was with some of these said twitter friends. What can I say, there are always multiple SLRs involved, people don’t mind sharing food and this time someone even bought a tiny torch for us bloggers. It was awesome.

Virginia Plain. What a beautiful space. It is a huge open dining room with the most magnificent (18 metre long) bar I think I’ve ever seen. On a second visit I would like to sit at that lovely bar.

On this particular evening we were seated in the middle of the dining room, watching everything and everyone. The staff were an absolute delight. They were knowledgeable on the wine and food and more than happy to offer guidance in any way they could.

A few different wine orders were made, with one of us opting for their interesting ‘Orange’ range while I went with a glass of the 2009 Yarra Yarra SSB ‘The Phoenix’. This wine was made after the winemaker lost most of his grapes to the 2009 bushfires. Other vineyards donated the majority of the grapes and he had to buy brand new oak barrels. I had heard about this wine before my visit and with the 2009 bushfires very close to my heart I had to try this wine and I loved it.

As a table we opted for the four-course degustation for $49. Not bad value at all.

First up was the Crisp Artichoke Salad on a Cep Puree.

This was a combination of creamy puree on the bottom topped with artichoke pieces and crisp lettuce. It was a lovely start to the meal.

Next up was the Cured Spanish Mackerel.

This was served with pickled vegetables and a preserved lemon puree. The mackerel was beautiful and soft while the vegetables and lemon added contrast of texture and flavour. The lemon had a real kick to it working really nicely with the fish.

The last of the savoury courses was the Braised Beef Cheek.

This came with creamy mashed potato, spring vegetables and a crisp piece of prosciutto. This was absolutely beautiful. The beef cheek melted under the fork and the mash was rich and creamy.  It was quite a rich dish, so I was pleased with the portion sizes.

To end the meal we were served a Hot Chocolate Fondant Pudding.

This was served with milk ice cream, raspberry syrup, and a biscuit crumble. This was divine. This to me is how all meals should end. Chocolate fondant is one of my favourite desserts and they really nailed it. The centre was gooey, the chocolate was dark and the other elements added lightness, contrast and texture.

Just incase you wanted to see the gooey delicious centre…

I think what stood out for me was the balance and care given to each dish. You could tell that each element was there for a reason. On top of that the service was lovely and very knowledgeable.

It will be very interesting to see how this new venture grows and develops.
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3 Comments on A Foodie Rendezvous @ Virginia Plain, Flinders Lane Melbourne

  1. Danee Georgiou // September 26, 2012 at 10:39 pm // Reply

    Nice post Amy! I had this deg last night and totally agree with your last para – so much consideration was put in to each dish. I really liked how it was a gradual build up to the heavier dishes…with a massive ka-pow! with that dessert. Recommend perching at the bar for dinner too – great spot to watch all the (restaurant) action.

  2. OMG that oozey dessert! YUM!

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