The First Day of Spring @ Veludo Bar and Restaurant, St Kilda

A few weeks ago I dined as a guest of Veludo Bar and Restaurant in St Kilda. Spring was showing its face for the first time making it the perfect evening to head Southside.

Veludo Bar and Restaurant is in the middle of the sensory overload that is Acland Street. I can imagine it would be a prime people watching position come summer.  They also have a pretty cool wall feature made up of empty wine bottles for those not facing the pavement.

The menu offers a number of different options, with entrees ranging from artisan bread with homemade dips to home-style pork terrine with green tomato relish and toasts. Mains included a number of pastas, salads, burgers and your heartier mains like pork belly and lamb shanks.

I opted for the Chorizo, Goat’s Cheese and Thyme Arancini served with Aioli ($12) for my entrée.

They could have packed a little more flavour, but they were crisp on the outside and moist in the middle, so I didn’t have too many complaints.

My friend ordered the Field and Forest Mushroom Tart with Pecorino and Madeira ($15). She raved about this dish.

The service here was great. They were friendly, quick and very accommodating.

For my main I chose the Slow Cooked Lamb Salad with Quinoa, Roasted Cauliflower, Hazelnut and Labneh ($24).

To be honest, it was more salad like than I was expecting and unfortunately there was zero quinoa. In spite of that it was quite nice but very rich. I got nowhere near finishing it.

My friend ordered the Prawn and Scallop Agnolotti, Stewed Tomato and Bisque butter ($25).

All in all we had a lovely evening at Veludo Bar and Restaurant. I can see it being a regular spot for the locals looking for a casual meal, but I don’t think I’ll be crossing the river just to dine there in a hurry.
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