Pastries and Marie Antoinette in Paris, France

Now I have to admit I can’t tell you were we were on this particular morning. While I would never usually tell you dear readers about a place I can’t remember the name of, this was about enjoying the unknown. In a foreign city, sometimes that is all you can do. Sometimes you have places on your ‘to visit’ list, yet they are too far away, or you simply find yourself hungry right outside a random little lunch spot.

I had chosen a café run by a group of Australian baristas living in Paris for brunch on my birthday but sadly it was closed. I was running very late so my lovely girlfriends told me they would choose a place near by and secure us a table. When I arrived I felt it was the epitome of a French café. There were beautiful pastries as far as the eye could see. Baguettes filled with meats and cheeses were poking up from behind the counter and beautiful, yet slightly cold French women were taking orders. The décor was beautiful French provincial, with pink walls. It was all very Marie Antoinette in my opinion… there was certainly enough cake.

Choosing was beyond difficult. One of my girlfriends suggested sharing to maximize options so I was a happy girl.

We started with a baguette with ham and salad. The French really do love simple sandwiches with a combination of meat, cheese and salad. I fell in love with it too. Nothing too complicated, only a few flavours in each bite.

To finish I had what seemed like a biscuit version of the pear tarte tatin on sweet short crust pastry. Soft sweet pears topped a crisp buttery shortbread/pastry base, finished with almonds and icing sugar. It was divine; there is no denying it. Hands down one of the best pastries I have ever had.

As we were leaving I was feeling very bittersweet. I was saying goodbye to Paris a city where my most memorable moments from my trip happened, a city I fell in love with and I was saying goodbye to my beautiful friends as we each moved on to another town.

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