Bringing Back Memories @ Speakeasy Kitchen and Bar, South Yarra

The first time I heard of Speakeasy Kitchen and Bar was in February this year. It was the venue of Willow & Blake’s ‘Day After Valentines Day Party’ on February 15th. The invitation told me Willow & Blake wanted to lick me and said “meet us in the laneway…lets bang’. Well… I didn’t really care where it was; I was going. The wonderful ladies behind Willow & Blake really know how to throw a party. It was a Wednesday night and I assured myself I would pop in for a quick drink, say hi and be home at a reasonable hour.

The free flowing espresso martinis, amazing DJ’s, 40 degree heat and pretty kick arse location had another plan for the evening however… isn’t it always the way?

To cut a long story short, I got home at 3am covered in stickers, with the knowledge that Willow & Blake are a pretty cool bunch of writers.


To be honest after that night I didn’t really think of Speakeasy Kitchen and Bar again until I got wind of their new winter menu. I gathered some of my south side buddies and off we went.

As I walked into the front of Speakeasy, I realized I had never actually been inside. It is a beautiful and sleek space with a design that allows you to watch the kitchen and the bar while still having privacy at your table. There is something very chic about the whole affair. Petros Lambis the owner there (who was definitely floating around the Willow & Blake bash) has the venue very under control as he and the other wait staff are all lovely, knowledgeable and more than happy to lend a hand when needed.

On this particular occasion we started the evening with a few cheeky cocktails. To be honest, when the menu mentions the prohibition era or a Clover Club I’m sold.

On to the food.

I had the Sage and Feta Arancini for my entrée.

Sage and Feta Arancini

These were really some of the best arancini I have had in a while. I often find they can be dry and flavourless, but these were very cheesy and delicious. They were sitting on a bed of aioli and another sauce that was slightly sweet which went really well with the sage and the feta.

For my main I ordered the Herb and Ricotta Gnocchi with Cherry Tomatoes, Peas, Cream and Prawns.

Herb and Ricotta Gnocchi

Again this was beautiful. Little light pillows of homemade gnocchi were accented by the sweet cherry tomatoes and only a touch of cream. The prawns were chopped which I was quite grateful for, as I’m not a fan of having to dismantle a prawn within a dish.

Someone else ordered the Pumpkin and Taleggio Risotto, which I got a cheeky sample of and have to say, it was also delicious.

We also sampled a number of the white wines available by the glass and each one was really nice.

All in all it was a beautiful dinner with some beautiful wines and I have to say a great venue. The company wasn’t half bad either… : )

Now when I think of Speakeasy Kitchen and Bar I will think of great food as well as being covered in stickers at a laneway party.
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3 Comments on Bringing Back Memories @ Speakeasy Kitchen and Bar, South Yarra

  1. Love the stickers!The risotto looks really delicious as well!

  2. So after your deep fried rice balls, you had gnocchi and then risotto… Carbs Much?!

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