Consistency is Great @ Friends of Mine, Richmond

You know how there are places you want to visit once, and then there are places you keep coming back to…well for me Friends of Mine is one of those I keep coming back to.  Friends of Mine has two sibling cafes, Porgie and Mr Jones and Snow Pony. You will find a lot of the same amazing dishes across all three venues.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, hung over, straight from the gym, cheeky weekday catch-ups…I’ve done it all here.

The menu is delicious and has its own flare. It starts with a Pick.Me.Up.Please, which is a small brioche roll with bacon, tomato chutney, scrambles and Maffra cheddar. It continues with toasts, croissants, muesli’s and herb and cheesy toast.

The ‘favourite friends’ section holds some of the main attractions. This includes the famous smashed avocado with Thyme buttered mushrooms, marinated feta, torn basil on wholegrain toast and the Mr Jones’ golden ‘folded’ eggs. There is even a dish called ‘Hung’ over, which consists of herb and cheesy toast with poached eggs, bacon and smashed avocado.

Lunch items range from toasted sandwiches, salads and larger places including risotto, a steak sandwich and even a braised Ox cheek. The menu really has you covered.

After many a breakfast visit my favourite items have to be the Smashed Avocado with Thyme Buttered Mushrooms, Marinated Feta, Torn Basil on Wholegrain Toast ($17.9). On the particular occasion photographed below I ordered it with bacon on the side.

Smashed Avocado with Thyme Buttered Mushrooms, Marinated Feta, Torn Basil on Wholegrain Toast ($17.9) – With a side of bacon

The flavours in this dish are amazing. Creamy avocado with strong herbed mushrooms are contrasted with the rich feta and fresh basil. They also use really nice bread here, which acts as a great backdrop.

Another breakfast favourite of mine is the Toasted Banana Bread with Maple Syrup Mascarpone, Fresh Banana, Berry Compote and Crushed Pistachios, ($14.9).

This is a very decadence breakfast. The bread is light and fluffy and tastes more like banana cake and is perfectly toasted to make it slightly crisp on the outside. The mascarpone and berry compote make it moist and the banana offers a fresh element. The crushed pistachios complete the dish adding texture.

On a later visit my friend and I ventured into the lunch menu.

I ordered the Toasted Piadini with ham and swiss cheese ($14.50 w a side salad).

It was a crisp light toasted sandwich and was accompanied by a lightly dressed green salad. It was simple yet tasty.

My friend ordered the Thai calamari salad.

We ordered some of their delicious chunky chips with garlic aioli to share and we were very happy diners.

While I have only had one thing on the lunch menu, it is definitely the breakfast/brunch options that keep me coming back here. The staff are also lovely, always with a smile on their face even though there is usually a wait on the weekends.

To top it off, you can order a Berocca, a Bloody Mary and French Champagne with your breakfast. Anywhere that sells French Champagne for breakfast and names a dish ‘Hung Over’ is off to a good start in my eyes.
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  1. That banana bread dish looks freakin amazeballs!

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