Almost regulars @ Charlie’s Bar, Melbourne

“Welcome to Charlie’s and the Mill. You know the drill. Drinks are flowing, crowd is growing, food is tasty, Barman’s not hasty. Drinks are divine, you’re feeling fine. Faces smiling, mobiles dialing. Sit back and relax, enjoy to the max. Time races past, it’s all gone too fast. Feet are fading, friends are waving. Memories of Fun, the nights all done” – Miche 2011

These are not my words, but the words that you read on the first page of the Charlie’s Bar menu. Any bar that has a knack for words is ok by me.

Charlie’s Bar has always been a favourite CDB bar of mine, but I have recently been venturing there more and more.

During Melbourne Food and Wine festival, I was lucky enough to get media tickets to the Snakes and Ladders event. This event saw us attend four bars all in close proximity to each other. Each bar prepared a signature cocktail and signature bar snack to go with it. After attending this event, I was reminded of my love of Charlie’s Bar.

So for those of you who have never been to Charlie’s, it is located beneath The Mill in Hardware lane.

For me it is such a stark contrast to the bustling, loud and often overwhelming atmosphere of Hardware lane. There are dark steps that take you down into a sleek, sexy cocktail lounge. There is a main area near the bar, then a number of private alcoves to find refuge while you enjoy the delicious drinks prepared by the knowledgeable and might I add handsome staff.

Each night has a different special at Charlie’s Bar and Thursday nights are two for one cocktails. This is of course inviting for those of us who are still students.

With a newfound love for gin, this particular evening, I took a liking to the Bramble. This cocktail is a delicious mix of gin, lemon juice, gomme and a touch of crème de mure. I do have to thank one of the bartenders for this recommendation. I told him I liked gin, and a few other flavours and he made me this.

While the two-for-one deal only includes a handful of cocktails, their list is very extensive and you are sure to find something to your liking.

Charlie’s Bar also offer a number of bar snacks made upstairs at The Mill. These include house made bread and dips, Oysters, olives, mini burgers and more similar items.

If you like cocktails and you like cocktail bars, I highly recommend you pay Charlie’s Bar a visit. If you do, kindly pass on that Amy says hi…

*Images Courtesy of Charlie’s Bar


1 Comment on Almost regulars @ Charlie’s Bar, Melbourne

  1. Wow! What a perfect place to hangout with friends. It gives a classy looks that you will definitely appreciate if you want a cozy place like this.

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