Rain and Oats @ Three Bags Full, Abbotsford

Over the Easter break I took the opportunity to see as many of my family and friends as possible. Thinking back I did pretty well.  Easter Monday called for a girly brunch at Three Bags Full.

Easter Monday was one of those days where Melbourne weather gets a little bi-polar. I met one of my girlfriends at the gym before brunch and when we arrived it was a beautiful sunny morning and when we left we were literally drenched with what was boarding on hail.

So there we were dripping wet, freezing and starving as we ventured into Three Bags Full. With everyone else running late, we were not too stressed or surprised at the 35 minute wait list. I took refuge in the (now electronically operated!!) ladies room and changed into something a little drier.

Finally we were ushered to our seats by one of the lovely staff members. I do have to take my hat off to the waiters there. It is constantly packed with people and they never show anything but a smile. They also let us split our bill on a very busy public holiday. Coffee and lots of it was our first priority.

Soy Cappuccino

The Five Senses coffee was spot on as always.

You can’t be coy with information at brunches like this. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and it went like this…what is new and exciting in your life? I do love the honesty. So while a large amount of personal information was being thrown around we got thinking on what to order.

The menu is broken down into eggs, savory, vegetarian, sweet tooth, Oats and toast. One of my friends ordered the Roasted Mushrooms with garlic, rosemary, goats cheese and almond dukkah on toast. She loved her meal and commented on how nice the almonds were with the mushrooms. You might remember this rocket-loving friend from my brunch at Coin Laundry and she showed her true colours when she added,…”you know what would go well with this…rocket”.

I was still chilled to the bone from our run in with the crazy rain so the Oat Porridge with pears, walnuts and organic maple syrup automatically took my fancy. I could not have been happier with this decision. The huge, and I mean huge bowl of oats was creamy and sweet. The poached pears added beautiful accent and the walnuts completed the meal with a delicious crunch. It saddened me to leave any of this heart-warming dish, but it really was a generous serve.

Oat Porridge with Pears, Walnuts and Organic Maple Syrup

While I left three bags full still a little cold on the outside, I was filled with warming porridge and gossip on the inside. Three Bags Full has never disappointed and I can’t see it happening any time soon.

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