Comfort in food and friends…

They say in life you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends. This is true…I have chosen my friends and I am pretty proud of my choices. I love my family and don’t seek to replace them at all, but instead I made a second family. I want to share a story about just a handful of the wonderful people in my life that I am privileged enough to call my friends.

We met in high school and we bonded over our hatred for gum nuts on our school dresses, our inability to understand derivatives and the countless conversations centered around decoding the ways of teenage boys. We were there through first kisses, first cars, first jobs and first rental houses.

Today we are like sisters. We don’t need to finish sentences for the conversation to flow and we rarely go a day without speaking. Family night, which we have come to call our weekly catch-up’s is one of my favourite times of the week.

We come together and share laughter, trashy television, the latest happenings in our world and of course food. We all love food. Its not always fancy but it’s shared. It ranges from $10 pizza from the strange local pizza joint who’s driver once offered us the bottle of coke from his car… to the best Thai beef salad I think I have ever eaten (this has become a regular feature and I thank one of the girls for bringing it into my life).

The beginning of the Thai Beef Salad...


The yummy fresh ingredients

A week after I moved into my new house, I had a bed and a lot of unpacked boxes. That Wednesday night warned of the lack of sitting implements or kitchen facilities my friends came over champagne in hand. Filled with excitement and joy as if this was their new home, by beautiful friends and I sat on the floor eating take away noodles and watching Sex and the City. It wasn’t comfortable, but it was one of the best nights my little house has seen yet.

We drink wine, we bake brownies, we cry, we laugh and we feel comfortable to be just who we are with each other. We watch youtube videos and laugh until we can’t breathe anymore, we debate, we plan, and we reminisce. We share stories, have grown past the point of judgment and we understand each other more than we probably understand ourselves.

Why am I telling you this story? Well…I write about food and sometimes it can be impersonal. Food is not impersonal and the conversation and enjoyment that you get from sharing food with loved ones is certainly not impersonal. You read about what I eat and what I think of it, but I rarely share insight into my life.

For those of you who regularly read my posts I thank you, and I hope that you too have people you feel at home with. Next time you’re sharing a meal with them…remember it’s these simple moments we should be cherishing!

So go fourth my lovely readers, buy someone you love that big chocolate cake you thought they would like, or cook them something filled with love, it doesn’t have to be fancy…you’ll be amazed at just how thankful they are.


Love xxx



1 Comment on Comfort in food and friends…

  1. I agree, there’s nothing impersonal about food. It’s all entwined with life… some of my best memories are creating and eating meals with loved ones.

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