Brunch @ Auction Rooms, North Melbourne

After driving past Auction Rooms every morning on my way to work for almost 6 weeks now it became too much to handle. I had never visited the much-loved café and this needed to be rectified.

After a little push from the lovely staff over twitter, I booked a brunch date on my day off.

View from our table

View from our table

As we arrived we were welcomed by the friendly staff and took our seats. The café is a lot bigger than I expected from the outside. The huge space is beautifully set out with wooden and metal details. The layout of the café also impressed me. While it is large, and I never once felt someone was too close, it still managed to have that cozy feeling I love so much in a good café.

Little Courtyard

We ordered some coffees and had a look at the menu.

The menu is a little unique while still offering some classics. Eggs can be ordered with any amount of sides and staples like muesli and banana bread are there. Then however, they throw in something a little different with dishes like the Welsh rarebit, served with soft-boiled egg and a fine herb salad or a Moroccan-style tomato and chorizo stew with eggplant, olives, poached eggs, dukkah and feta served with flat bread. They really have it all covered here, the basics and then something a little more adventurous for those who have had many a brunch and are looking to branch out.


The coffee here was really good, no surprise at all. It was rich, creamy and strong.

Soy Cappuccino

On this particular occasion I was not looking to branch out in my meal choice. I ordered the “Opening Bid” which is two poached eggs on sourdough toast. I added Meredith goat’s feta and avocado to my meal.

'Opening Bid' with Feta and Avocado

It was divine; so simple, but executed perfectly. The eggs were runny in the middle; the bread was really nice and there really is nothing bad I can say about Meredith’s goat’s feta.  The avocado however was given a little make over. A very generous serving of avocado was mixed with what I can only imagine was lemon juice and seasoning. It was delicious and a welcome change to the standard slice of avocado.

I also took a slice of the Strawberry Loaf to take away…while it tasted surprisingly like banana bread, it was delicious.

So while I am slightly annoyed it has taken me this long to make it to Auction Rooms, I am very glad I finally did. The service was lovely, very attentive yet not in your face and the food and coffee were outstanding.

There are many things on the menu I want to try and I think next time I will venture out and try something a little different.



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  1. Mmmmmg goats feta! Those poached eggs look perfect

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