Making Cocktails and a Little Mischief @ 1806, Melbourne

Many of you already know that my beautiful big sister is getting married soon. You might not know that along with the other three bridesmaids I was given the task of the hen’s night.

A scary and exiting task this was…How do you make a night fun, and in the theme of a hen’s night when you are under strict orders that there will be no strippers, no games and nothing the bride would feel uncomfortable doing? Well…you simply ignore these orders! (I did agree to no strippers I will tell you now…sorry for those playing at home).

Anyway, I am a good bridesmaid and won’t share too many secrets from the evening. I will however tell you how we started our night…

1806, a cocktail bar on Exhibition Street in Melbourne has come to be a little favourite of mine. After randomly attending a Murder Mystery night there with a group of girl friends last year, I discovered that this little bar has old school class and seriously good cocktails. The espresso martini here is insane…and we all know how much I like espresso martinis.

So when I was planning my sister’s hen’s night I thought 1806 could be a nice start to the evening. It was then that I found out that they run cocktail making classes downstairs in ‘The Understudy’. I was sold.

5pm rolled around last Saturday night and 11 of us took refuge from the heat and the sun in the darkened 1806.

We headed downstairs into the little bar to find four cocktail making stations all ready for our arrival…even a station for the beautifully pregnant (and therefore mocktail making) bridesmaid.

Our Cocktail making tools

After a little cocktail history we were taught a little math’s behind the perfect cocktail – this was seen to come in handy in the second part of the session.

Then to the cocktails…we watched and listened and make a few cheeky comments here and there and then attempted to replicate what we saw before us. It was a Caprioska, a combination of vodka, lime, sugar syrup and ice. I have to say, we made some delicious cocktails!

I'm busy muddling my limes

After a little chat and sip on our Caprioska we were called back for round two.

This time we were given the choice of spirits, juices, sweeteners and fresh fruits. Each group had to come up with a cocktail, name it and present it to the group.

Delicious Fresh Fruit

My group consisting of myself, the Hen and another bridesmaid decided we wanted to win! We created a combination of vodka, orange – vanilla liqueur, orange bitters some sugar syrup, muddled raspberries and ice. We named this little baby a Little Red Corvette.

Little Red Corvette

In a taste off, it came down to two teams. In the end, our little vixen won!  I am not willing to accept that this may have been completely due to the hen being in my group. I like to think we are amazing cocktail creators. I hope you agree!

The session was a fun and interactive way to get our evening started. The hen was very happy.

After once again enjoying our delicious creations, we said farewell to 1806 for the evening feeling very light headed and quite pleased with ourselves.


2 Comments on Making Cocktails and a Little Mischief @ 1806, Melbourne

  1. It’s prob due to your amazeballs cocktail skills. Just sayin’

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