Gossip, Forced Chivalry and Sandwiches @ Earl Canteen, Melbourne


Ok I realize it is ridiculous that it has taken me this long to get to Earl Canteen, and there is probably not much else left to say about these sandwiches, but hey, I’m going to tell you about my visit anyway.

So, it was Tuesday, I had summer school for my Masters and it was about 1000 degrees outside. What better excuse to get together with a girl friend, eat some awesome sandwiches and have a bit of a gossip session.

When I arrived, my friend (who is an Earl regular) had already had a chat to the wonderful waiter and nabbed us the next available table. I had to laugh when a couple of suits tried to take our table and our waiter went and spoke to them quickly alerting them to the fact that “this table is for the lovely ladies behind you”. Sometimes chivalry needs a little helping hand when there are sandwiches involved.

So we took our seat, next to the kitchen. Aside from the fact that the toaster, which was preparing all the delicious bread, was making us sweat even more, we had a cool view of the sandwiches.

Chefs at work

The menu, put in front of us was really not needed for me. After following Earl Canteen on twitter for a long time now I knew I had to try to chicken and chips. I waited patiently while my friend decided which option she was after today.


My Chicken and Chips sandwich, which was roast free-range chicken, crushed peas, candied bacon, potato crisps on ciabatta bread ($13), was placed in front of me and I was a little excited.

Chicken and Chips

Ok so this is not the kind of sandwich that you should be eating every day but it is also the kind of sandwich to break the rules for. Tasty chicken, salty bacon, a little green from the peas and crunch from the chips…I mean it can’t really get much better than that.

My friend ordered the Harissa Lamb on this particular occasion which consisted of Slow cooked harissa rubbed lamb, quince, hung yoghurt, green beans and almonds on ciabatta ($15).

Harissa Lamb

She loved her meal as well, commenting on the fact that the almonds gave it a really nice crunch.

These sandwiches almost feel like delicious meals placed between two pieces of bread, and I have to say that is more than ok by me. I also have to say I liked the sizes of the Earl sandwiches. They are a good lunch portion and won’t leave you feeling full for hours.

They are an experience in themselves and if you haven’t been, your missing out.


6 Comments on Gossip, Forced Chivalry and Sandwiches @ Earl Canteen, Melbourne

  1. Also love Earl, but I have to say if you’d like a seriously mouthwatering serious-sandwich experience get to Baker di Chirico on Fitzroy St in St. Kilda early for a Rare Roast Beef one (with horseradish and gruyere)! To die for!

  2. I’ve been meaning to go to Earl Canteen for a long time as well…these sandwiches look SO delicious I’ll have to get there sooner rather than later. Thanks for sharing

  3. Chips on a roll? OMG its like they are reliving my primary school days haha love it!!

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