Recovery @Seven Seeds, Carlton


Last Thursday night after a gig in Northcote, my friend and I were not ready to go home. This resulted in late night dancing on Brunswick Street. Thursday nights can really creep up on you and when Friday morning came around…lets just say getting to uni wasn’t the easiest of tasks.

There was however a light at the end of the tunnel…a lunch catch up planned at Seven Seeds. A two hour lecture was all that stood between me and hopefully a delicious headache-curing lunch.

I arrived a little early and waited for a table while my friend arrived. The place was pumping and very busy for a Friday afternoon. I can’t imagine getting a table would be easy on the weekend. The warehouse type café is open and relaxed. The wait staff were chilled and lovely even though they were extremely busy.

The Kitchen

The menu is small and too the point.  Toast, a muesli, a few sandwiches and that’s about it folks. On this particular day I took a strong liking to the Grandmother ham, vintage cheddar and roasted tomato relish hot pressed sandwich on organic grain bread (only $10.50). We ordered two and started chatting.

This was a hangover cure if I have ever seen one. The ham was beautiful and strong and there was so much cheese, it spilled out of the sandwich resulting in a cheesy caramelized exterior. The bread was packed with grains, just as grain bread should be and the relish was a unique and welcomed addition to a classic sandwich combination. My stomach and my head really appreciated it.

Grandmother Ham, Vintage Cheddar and Roasted Tomato Relish Hot Pressed Sandwich on Organic Grain Bread

After a lazy hour or so catching up on the week’s happenings, we were tempted by the sweets cupboard. We decided to share two of the treats of the day. A vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting and a strawberry crumble slice.

Vanilla Cupcake

The cupcake was cute and had quite a dense cake, which I enjoyed. The icing was lovely too.

Strawberry Crumble Slice

The strawberry crumble slice was delicious. Cinnamon was blended through the crumble and the sweet strawberry centre was spot on.

All round it was a fantastic lunch. I am sad it has taken me 5 years of uni to make it to Seven Seeds, but now I will be sure to make it back soon.


2 Comments on Recovery @Seven Seeds, Carlton

  1. Yeay for Seven Seeds – I’m loving the coffee more every day…

  2. That toastie looks freakin’ awesome!!

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