Boozy Girls Dinner @ Chocolate Buddha, Melbourne

Ok…so Chocolate Buddha is not new at all. It isn’t even new to me. However, I had the best meal I have ever had there just last week.

A friend of mine is gluten free, so Chocolate Buddha is a great choice as they have a separate gluten free menu and gluten free soy sauce on each table. It makes eating gluten free fuss free, which is always nice.

As I lover of Japanese and sushi, I usually opt for the sushi option. On this particular occasion I really wasn’t in the mood for a sushi platter or raw fish at all to be honest. So I scouted the menu for a change.

My sister and I decided the share a serve of the Soft Shell Crab inside out sushi roll to start (8pcs for $17.50).

This is always delicious. The soft meat with a crisp exterior sits perfects inside the rice. Avocado and the homemade tartare sauce give it a creamy finish. A must order here in my opinion.

Moving onto main course…

My gluten free dining partner ordered the Sushi and Sashimi platter for one ($24.00). She said that it was delicious.

Having had this many a time, I think it can be hit and miss. It depends what they have available and fresh. While usually good, I was once served 6 pieces of salmon on the one platter. This time however my friend was happy.

My sister wanted the Shake Oyako Don, which was cured cold salmon over rice. Sadly they were out of the cured salmon, but served this main with teriyaki salmon from the entrée menu for her.

She absolutely loved her meal. The salmon went perfectly with the sushi rice and cold salad that accompanied the original dish.

Heading into new territory I ordered the Yakitori Skewers (19.80) for my main. This consisted of 3 free range chicken skewers, char grilled and glazed with teriyaki sauce served with spinach and cucumber salad over sushi rice, topped with sesame seeds and pickles.

The chicken was beautiful and moist. The glaze was flavoursome and delicious. They make excellent sushi rice here and it was the perfect accompaniment to the chicken. The cold salad kept the dish light. Both of the rice dishes also came with miso soup.

This was by far the best meal I have had at Chocolate Buddha , and that is not due to bad experiences! It was delicious. I am always keen to go back here. I have to say I think the prices are quite good for the quality and quantity of food here as well.

1 Comment on Boozy Girls Dinner @ Chocolate Buddha, Melbourne

  1. Luuuurve yakitori 😀 looks like a fab place to go. I’m obsessed with Japanese food too. I might have a problem 😦 lol

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