Breakfast Catch-Up @ Coin Laundry, Armadale

Lately there has been a lot of buzz around a little café named Coin Laundry. In a little side street of Armadale you’ll find this gem.

Street Tables

A friend of mine lives walking distance from the cute find and we decided, that was more than enough reason to give it a go.

As you walk into Coin Laundry you are automatically hit with the calm and relaxed vibe of the wait staff and the atmosphere. Chilled waiters run the show seamlessly. On a Thursday morning, we were lucky to secure the last free table and word on the street tells me the weekend usually involves waiting a while for a table.

Coffee's Being Made

Coffee’s came quickly and we took way too long to decide what to order. Gossip often gets in the way of choosing meals at breakfast catch-ups.

The menu offers your standards like eggs, toasts, banana bread and porridge. It then has more exciting items like the Caramelized French toast with crispy bacon and organic maple syrup or the Olive Bread Bruschetta with fresh ricotta, fresh tomatoes, basil oil and parma ham.

On this particular day I wasn’t in the mood for a large breakfast so opted for the Fruit bread with ricotta and thyme honey.

Fruit Toast with Ricotta and Thyme Honey

It was simple and delicious. The fruit bread was out of this world. It had whole dried apricots and whole dried figs studded through it. The ricotta and the honey, smooth creamy and flavoursome was the perfect addition to the crunchy bread.

My dining partner ordered the Corn and Manchego fritters with guacamole, corn relish and crème fresh. It was served with a huge salad of rocket and coriander, which made my friend very happy; she is a serious rocket fan. It is often joked about just how much she loves it!

Corn and Manchego Fritters

If you’re in the mood for something sweet after breakfast choose a take home pastry or muffin from the very cute selection on display.

Fresh Pastries

We will be returning very soon to try the other delicious options on the menu.

For more information:

Coin Laundry

61 Armadale St, Armadale



3 Comments on Breakfast Catch-Up @ Coin Laundry, Armadale

  1. Yum! Def. gonna try this place when I’m down…

  2. I wished I wasn’t in the mood too as I was eyeing the espresso butter they had, but my tummy was growling and I ordered a big serve!! NEED TO GO BACK!

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