Bento Lunch Special @ Taxi Dining Room, Melbourne

After receiving an invitation to try the new Bento Lunch Special at Taxi Dining Room, how could I refuse?

A bloggers lunch had been organized and there were more SLR’s than one knew what to do with. The discussion was food filled and the company was lovely.

The idea of the Bento Lunch Special at Taxi is about taking the traditional Bento idea and presenting it staged and with a fine dining twist. The traditional concept however remains the same, sushi, miso, and a main. It is also able to be enjoyed within an hour, a working lunch at its finest.

To start we were presented with a beautiful sushi and sashimi platter. It was fresh, flavoursome and melted in your mouth as good sushi should.

Salmon Miso Soup with Wakami and Shimeji Mushrooms was next. This was outstanding. The flavours were complex and rich and delicious. The mushrooms added texture and the chilli oil laid on top added heat and punch. It was unanimous around the table that this one was of the best Miso’s out there.

For main, there are always two options available: one seafood and one meat, catering to different tastes.

On this particular day the meat dish was Sticky Pork Belly with seared Scallops and red nam jim.

The pork was crisp and sticky and full of flavour. The scallops were fresh and plump. The red nam jim was spicy and the perfect combination while a fresh salad counteracted the richness and heat of the dish. Beautiful.

The Seafood dish on this day was a Snapper with Red Pepper Essence and Crumbed Mussels.

I was told that the snapper was brilliant, perfectly crisp skin and soft as butter on the inside.

To finish off the meal we were presented with a trio or sorbets.

Coconut and Passion fruit sorbet, which was creamy and tart all at once.

Green Tea sorbet, which had distinct flavour and a creamy texture.

Finally, a Mandarin Sorbet, which was the stand out for me. Fresh and tart and brought out the brilliant citrus flavours of the fruit.

The sorbet selection was the perfect end to the meal, light, refreshing and expertly put together.

It was a lovely couple of hours and the meal was delicious. I will be sure to return to see what is on the Bento Lunch next time.

For more information:

Taxi Dining Room

Level 1
Transport Hotel
Fed Square, Melbourne
(03) 9654 8808

5 Comments on Bento Lunch Special @ Taxi Dining Room, Melbourne

  1. Oh well done you! I’m just about to do my post so I shall reference you in 🙂

  2. A good little post. Makes me want to give it another try as I had heard mixed reports. But I will try anything twice!


  3. Wow… The food looks amazing! My list of places to eat in Melb is already full for my visit in Dec but maybe I can squeeze another lunch in? 😀

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