Launch Party @ Brasserie Bread Melbourne, South Melbourne

Last night was the launch of Brasserie Bread Melbourne! While the café and retail shop are to be open in November with cooking classes to follow, the ovens, the bakers and the passion have officially landed in South Melbourne.

The huge open industrial bakery was a site to see! Its open and clean and huge, I cant even imagine how much fun it must be to be able to bake there.

We got the opportunity to watch Ian hard at work baking loaf after loaf of delicious breads.


While drinks were being served, a display of some of Brasseries finest breads were on offer with gourmet cheese, olives, oils and jams. This was only the beginning.

The bread…

I tried the sourdough first, just with olive oil and could already taste the difference. The soft textured centre had a perfect crisp crust and a beautiful sourdough flavour. I new I was in for a good night of tasting!

The cheese platter was next on my list.

The crisp breads, fllavoured with rosemary and sea salt were packed with flavour and had a great texture. Perfect for cheese.

The fruit bread was also provided with the cheese. This was moist and soft. There was no hind of firmness that is often found in fruit breads.

Then there was the sour cherry bread. This was divine! Huge chunks of soft dough were flavoured with whole sour cherries and drizzled with oil. Sweet, soft and delicious.

Finally, there was the banana bread. Yum yum yum. This was moist and soft. I didn’t even try the jam, which was out as an accompaniment. This bread didn’t need anything.

Now…the hot food started to circulate. I was literally in heaven!

A stand out for me was the Quinoa and Soya Sourdough bread, which was served toasted with goat’s cheese, sundried tomatoes and basil. The flavours from the seeds and the toasted texture of the beautiful loaf were insane!

The caramelized garlic bread was also a favourite of mine. The soft loaf was served hot with whole garlic cloves baked into the bread. The flavours were so powerful, yet elegant. It was something quite special.

The story…

The speeches were next. Here we got an insight into the world of Artisan baking and the philosophy behind it. David, CEO told us that what separates them in their passion.

“We honour the tradition of Artisan Baking” He told us.

What does this mean? For Brasserie Bread, it means three things: ingredients, skill/technique and time. Sourdough takes three days to make and you can’t rush the process. It was evident that they add a little bit of passion in along the way.

“Share the passion, share the experience” David told us.

The Melbourne Store was also relying on one other thing…the 16 year old sourdough starter that the Sydney team drove all the way to South Melbourne. While they could have sent it via air or other various ways, they decided that it should be a journey of love. So they set off for the long journey and fed it all the way.

This starter is ‘the heart and soul of all of our sourdough bread”, they told us proudly.

The sweets…

As someone with a huge sweet tooth I was very excited when it was announced that sweets were being brought around.

The first one I tried was the chocolate caramel tart. Crisp buttery shortbread base topped with oozy caramel and then finished with a soft chocolate top. Just delicious.

Then I sampled the raspberry and pistachio friend. This was moist and rich and had excellent texture contrast provided by the pistachios.

While ice cream was being brought around, I have to admit I was holding out for the chocolate brownie I had heard was on the way.

It was so worth the wait. It was dense and chocolaty with busts of chocolate chunks and nuts. The best brownie I think I have ever tasted. (I apologise for no picture here…i was a little over excited!)

The evening was a pleasure to be a part of. There was so much excitement, pride and passion in the room; I simply cannot wait until the café, retail store and classes open!

For more information:

Brasserie Bread Melbourne

150 Thistlewaite St

South Melbourne, 3205


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  1. Thanks Amy…great post. The night was wonderful and we were thrilled with the turn out. Now onto the next slog of getting the cafe open by Mid Nov! Can’t wait…See you there. Regards the BB Melbourne team

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