Brunch @ APTE, Heidelberg Road, Alphington

Today I had the opportunity to have brunch at ATPE in Alphington. Easily missed by drivers by, this place is among car dealers and busy roads!

It is worth a stop though, I tell you that.

The all day breakfast menu has all a breakfast menu needs. Nothing out of the ordinary, yet all the essentials. Eggs, big breakfasts, banana and coconut bread, hot cakes (both of which looked to die for!), and smaller options like muesli and toast. Gluten free bread and muesli is also available.

One stand out option for me was the Mixed Platter, which was half a serve of banana and coconut bread with honey labna and pistachios and half a serve of the ricotta hot cakes served with poached fruit and honey infused ricotta.

In a savoury mood however I ordered the poached eggs with a side of avocado and feta, as well as my standard soy cappuccino.

My cappuccino was lovely, creamy and the perfect strength.

My breakfast was equally well done. The eggs were runny yet cooked through; and the avocado was fresh and creamy. The feta was delicious, it was the real stuff…creamy yet salty, crumbly and with a real bite. Feta and avocado really were made for each other. If you haven’t tried it with eggs…you need to.

I will be heading back to APTE for the mixed platter very shortly!

For more information:


538 Heidelberg Rd

Alphington 3078

(03) 9482 2991





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