An unexpected experience @ A house party…

Over the weekend, I attended a 21st as a plus one. A house party I was told, with a great bar and Spanish catering.

To be honest I was expecting standard house party fare, but was pleasantly surprised.

After I arrived I made my way to the bar and was shocked to be presented with a cocktail menu! I saw something that took my fancy… the Red Corvette. However, with Frangelico, Midori and strawberries, it could have easily been disgusting.

“What does the Red Corvette taste like” I questioned.

I was surprised when the waitress responded with “Would you like to taste it?”.

It was delicious…creamy from the hazelnut of the Frangelico and sweet and thick from the blended strawberries.

“Ill take on of those thank you” I happily responded!

From there we made out way to the heater and settled in.

I could see over in the catering station…yes they had their own kitchen set up, that prawns were being battered and fried on the spot. When they were brought around I happily obliged. The prawns were so big and fresh, and the batter was light and crispy. From here I was thinking this catering was better than normal.

Then the paella pans were brought out. The fresh seafood started to go in. Then the mussels came to rest on the top.  This was authentic paella, with the freshest of ingredients being prepared and served in a backyard!! I was very impressed.

This only continued when I ate my serve of paella out of the little boat like plates with my wooden fork. It was just so much fun! The seafood was fresh and cooked to perfection.

I had to go speak to the catering team. I found out they work out of the South Melbourne Markets, serving their paella to the lucky market visitors.

To top off the evening, churros with thick rich chocolate sauce found their way to me before I left.


For more information:

Bar: Liquid Infusion

Catering: Simply Spanish

116 Cecil Street,

South Melbourne 3205

(03) 9682 6100



2 Comments on An unexpected experience @ A house party…

  1. Ben Here from Liquid Infusion mobile cocktail bar service – I was a bartender at that actual party and I’m glad you liked the red corvette! 🙂 Hopefully we will see you at another one soon. Great blog by the way.

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