Brunch @ Three Bags Full, Abbotsford

There has been so much positive buzz surrounding Three Bags Full, I don’t know why it has taken me this long to go! Meeting a friend who lives in Richmond for brunch seemed like a perfect reason!

The old brick warehouse on the corner of Nicholson Street Abbotsford, doesn’t give away the cute café awaiting you.  The outdoor tables, filled with brunch goers enjoying themselves does give a little away.

As I arrived, 15 minutes early for my Friday morning brunch, I was surprised at how busy they were already. I managed to get a cute table for two against the wall. As I sat down I took in my surroundings. The main room of the café is open and has beautifully high ceilings.  It has a cute wooden bar, which has bar seating situated below coffee cup hanging lights. To the right of the bar was the freshly baked section, showcasing muffins, slices and sandwiches. A huge communal table in the middle creates a fun atmosphere and the second dinning area allows for the huge space to feel cozy and private. I was alone for about 20 minutes and at no point did I feel like an imposition, the staff were lovely and welcoming and more than willing to help where they could.

The breakfast menu is broken down into 6 categories. Eggs on Toast offers things like Peas and Eggs: poached eggs, crushed peas, tomato vinaigrette and feta, along with standards like Eggs Benedict. The Savory section has things like the big breakfast or Beetroot Cured Salmon on corn pea and feta fritters, which was served with avocado, rocket and dill sour cream. Sticky Black Ginger Bread served with vanilla bean mascarpone, candied cumquats and pistachios stands out on the Sweet section, while the Vegetarian section offers Braised Leek and Potato Omlettes with seeded mustard and gruyere along side the more expected brunch of smashed avocado on toast. Finally, the last two sections are Oats and Toast offering the standard muesli’s, porridge’s and plain or fruit toasts. They also offere gluten free toast for their breakfasts which I will always appreciate!

What I loved about this menu was that it has the standards for when you want to know what you getting, but then offers new and exciting meals for when your in the mood for something different!

The coffee menu, rotating and written on the black boards behind the bar, allows you to choose your coffee based on flavour.

I ordered the coffee which was promising cocoa and nutty flavours in the form of a soy cappuccino.  While I normally order a strong coffee, I figured they knew what they were doing here and didn’t bother. I was very right! This coffee was beautiful. It was, as it promised nutty and delicious. It was also the perfect strength.

To accompany my cappuccino I ordered the Organic Sourdough served with their homemade apricot jam. This was divine. The bread was delicious, it was soft in the middle and had the perfect amount of crispness on the outside.  It also had that beautiful sourdough flavour coming through nicely. The jam that came with it was such a lovely combination. Sweet, yet not overpowering, it went perfectly with my buttered sourdough.

I was very pleased to find out as I was paying, that their bread, Jams and muesli are all available for sale at the café. There were also a number of coffees available for purchase.

I would highly recommend a visit to Three Bags Full, and am already looking forward to returning to try something different and buying a few take home treats!

For more information:

Three Bags Full

Corner of Nicholson St and Mollison St, Abbotsford.
(03) 94212732

2 Comments on Brunch @ Three Bags Full, Abbotsford

  1. Hey Amy

    Great to meet you last night at the Taste event. I have stumbled by your blog a few times in the past but will check back as it seems like we have the same taste in brunch places and would like to see where you reccomend. – I suggest hitting up a place called Ora in Kew – just opening by 3 20-somethings to try and make a go of it.

    I will see if you are on twitter after writing this.

    My question to you – If you had one Brunch and then never again – where would it be from?


    • Hey!

      Was great to meet you too! Always good to put a face to a blog.

      That question is way too hard haha! Three Bags Full is one of my current favs, Stillwater Cafe, Bar and Restaurant in Tasmania was pretty amazing as well. However…i think I need to do a lot more research before I could decide 🙂

      My question to you…I’m heading to London for a few days next July. Can you recommend any must visit restaurants/cafes which tourists might miss?

      Happy Blogging!

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