Beautiful Birthday Dinner @ Pure South, Southbank

I hadn’t heard a lot about Pure South, but I new it was in the Good Food Guide and sourced all its produce from Tasmania. I figured couple that with the beautiful Southbank location, I was on to a winner.
Sunday night, after a rather large birthday weekend, a few of us headed to Pure South for a quiet birthday dinner.
You could tell from the menu that it really was all about the produce here, with calamari, scallops, and mussels all featuring on the entree menu alone. I couldn’t go past the baked scallops that were served with a cauliflower purée and an herbed breadcrumb topped with almonds. They were literally divine. The scallops, true to Tasmania were huge, fresh and with their roe on. The puree was so creamy and the almonds and herbed crumble added crunch that finished the dish. To freshen the palate it was served with pickled cucumber on the side.
The mains saw a range of options, from the beef burger to fish and chips, to lamb shanks served with lentils while a separate steak section offered a range of cuts and sizes. There was also a beautiful seafood special of Kingfish served with clams and mussels in a creamy sauce. I chose the chicken, which was served with home made herbed gnocchi, roasted onions, pancetta, black pudding, spring onions and a creamy jus. Again this was beautiful. The chicken was moist yet the skin was crisp. The jus that accompanied it was creamy and rich. The gnocchi, onion and black pudding accompaniment was interesting! The black pudding was strong and salty while the onions added contrast. The gnocchi provided softness not elsewhere seen in the dish. There was crunch provided by a garnish that I can’t recall. Tasted almost like dried apple chips!

A few of the others ordered the steak, which was accompanied with herbed butter, red wine jus, mustard and what appeared to be a mini potato croquette. They were blown away by their meals.

The table ordered the hand cut fries as well as the roasted pumpkin served with aged cheddar and hazelnuts. The Pumpkin completely outshone the fries. It was sweet and roasty from the pumpkin, then the cheese was sharp and creamy with crunch coming through from the hazelnuts. It was original and delicious.

Then to dessert…
There were a range of choices made on the table, from the beautiful cheese platter to the Espresso brulee which came with jam doughnuts and butterscotch popcorn, to the spiced pear and rhubarb crumble with salted caramel ice-cream.
I ordered the Apple tart fine with caramel sauce and vanilla-bean ice cream. Wow was this good! It arrived with a candle in it for my birthday (thanks to my lovely step-mum) as well as extra caramel sauce (thanks to them running out half way through the at the table topping). After the table sung Happy Birthday I dove into my dessert. The pastry was so buttery and crisp. Like an apple tart tatin, the pastry was topped with slices of apple. The creamy pastry with the sweet apple drowned in rich caramel sauce was unbelievable. The ice cream offered required relief from the richness. Accompanied with a Pedro Ximenez, it was the perfect end to a birthday weekend!

For more information:
Pure South
Gr2 River Level, Southgate Precinct,
(03) 9699 4600

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