Birthday Brunch @ Rococo, Hawthorn

 As a lover of brunch I thought it was the perfect activity to start my birthday celebrations!

I had been to Rococo once before when I was on a gluten free diet and had been very disappointed. I was disappointed because the menu was so amazing, yet all I could eat was the fruit salad. So…I thought I needed to venture back and try something different!

Their breakfast menu is huge and amazing! They have freshly bakes sweets, breads of all forms, muesli’s, pancakes, eggs and sides in all ways you could ever want and even cheese on toast with home made baked beans.


On this particular morning I couldn’t go past the Smashed Avocado on grilled sourdough with feta, fresh tomato, and basil served with marinated mushrooms and poached eggs. It was delicious!! The avocado fresh tomato and basil was fresh and flavorsome and the eggs were soft and runny. The mushrooms were also yummy, sautéed to perfection. The fresh crunchy sourdough topped on the meal. The soy cappuccino was, while nothing out of the ordinary, what I needed!




My sister ordered the Creamy scrambled eggs with feta fresh tomato and basil. While quite similar to my meal, this had an extra rich creamy note. She was very happy!



While nearly everyone else also ordered the smashed avocado, there was a side of freshly baked scones with jam and cream ordered.  I sneaked a little taste and was jealous I didn’t order my own! Warm and light, just how scones should be.



As we were leaving, we saw a number of lunch orders being taken to tables. Huge thin crust pizza’s topped with large meatballs and large focaccia’s, sliced and served with an array of dips went past us. This has made me swear to return for dinner and tapas!!


For more information:


797 Glenferrie Road Hawthorn

(03) 9818 8212

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