Quiet Catch up @ Polly, Brunswick St, Fitzroy

My friend had just finished uni for the semester and cocktails and chats were on the cards. With both of us living in the Brunswick area, what better venue than Polly. Its cozy, its sophisticated, its reliable and its fun!

It’s impossible not to get lost in this cocktail menu. It’s about 100 cocktails long, each one as interesting and different as the one before it. Or…try your luck with the absinthe menu!

My all time favorite cocktail here is the Lemon Meringue…its limoncello, vanilla vodka, citrus and cinnamon. Its sweet, slightly tart and just heaven. It also tastes remarkably like the dessert it’s named after.

On this occasion however, I went for a more classic choice of mine and ordered an Espresso Martini. Polly really knows how to make an alcoholic cocktail. With two different types of vodka and coffee liquor, this concoction really hits the spot. Topped with beautiful coffee crema and the expected coffee beans, I was very happy!

My companion for the evening ordered a Kermit’s cocaine, which was a combination of kaffir lime and absinthe. Always opting for an adventurous choice, she was delighted with what she received.

On a Thursday night, the crowd was very small, but it does pick up over the weekend. Polly offers the perfect place for quiet conversation over seriously well put together cocktails.


For more information:


401 Brunswick Street

Fitzroy, Vic

(03) 9419 6539







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