Mothers Day Lunch @ Yering Station, Yarra Glen

For mothers day this year we wanted to have a nice lunch out in mum’s area, and what better venue than where my sister is to be married next year!

Yering Station, for those of you who don’t know is such a beautiful place. With gardens and tree lined paths leading you everywhere, it feels like a paradise. The old barn holds wine tasting and sells other local and delicious produce while the new nearly all glass building on the hill houses a beautiful restaurant.

Seated in the corner, surrounded by floor to ceiling glass we enjoyed our lunch overlooking the views of the yarra valley.

The food here is also lovely. For my main I ordered the special of the day which was John Dory fillets on potato and artichoke purée and a dashi sauce, served with king brown mushrooms, baby radish and caviar. While it was a little more deconstructed than I was expecting, it was delicious all the same. The dashi sauce was creamy and rich which was paired beautifully with the John Dory. The mushrooms and radish didn’t add a whole lot to the overall dish, but were nice in themselves.









My mum ordered the beef, which came with the rosemary and garlic potatoes. It was, as I was told, delicious.










For dessert I ordered the Hazelnut mousse, with hazelnut praline and frangelico cream.  I could have eaten just the praline and the cream to be honest… they were beautiful! The praline was rich and thick and the cream was light and had that hazelnut hit from the Frangelico. The mousse was encased in a sponge cake, which I wasn’t expecting sadly. Not being a huge fan of sponge cake had a known that I would have ordered something else.









Mum, on the other hand ordered something I would never have chosen but absolutely loved. She ordered the Chocolate Marquise with berries and Licorice Crumbs. The Marquise was rich and thick and so chocolaty it was amazing! The berries helped freshen it up. The crumbs were an explosion of flavour. They looked like cookie crumbs yet had such a strong licorice flavour. This dessert was amazing.









Overall, the meals were delicious, often not what I was expecting, or necessarily would have ordered, yet delicious all the same. Next time I would order what my mum order, hands down!

I am looking forward to dinner there next time…in a Bridesmaids dress!!

For more information:

Yering Station

38 Melba Highway

Yering VIC 3770

(03) 9730 0100


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