Girls night out @ Tsindos Greek Restaurant, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

With a girls night out in the diary, all that was left was to find a good restaurant that allowed byo! With greek food on the brain, we chose Tsindos Greek Restaurant in the city.

As we arrived, the sliding door with no sign was a little off-putting, but as we walked inside we were greeted by the warm, friendly atmosphere you expect from a restaurant like this.

We sat down, opened our wine and looked at the menu. All of us were in the mood for multiple shared dishes so decided to order the pita bread with hummus, tzatziki and eggplant dip, and the saganaki to start.

Nowhere does dips and bread quite like a greek restaurant. The Tzatziki was so creamy and flavoursome, just beautiful! Their specialty, the eggplant dip, was chunky and garlicky and morish. The hummus, surprise surprise was also delicious.

The saganaki, salty and crisp was divine. What better dish than fried cheese lets be honest!

After our starters we decided to share a few mixed souvlaki, which included both lamb and chicken, marinated and then served on skewers with potatoes, greek salad and more of the heavenly tzatziki dip. The meat was tender and moist and was complimented perfectly by the salty feta and olives and the crisp salad. The remaining pita bread and tzatziki simply topped it off!

As the bill arrived, I was blown away, we left, all extremely full for only $25 dollars each including corkage!

If you’re looking for great tasting food and generous serves of it, you should check out this place!

For more information:

Tsindos Greek Restaurant

197 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

(03) 9663 3194


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