A Birthday Celebration @ Gingerboy, Crossley Street, Melbourne

Now I must admit I have been a bad blogger and left this write up for a few month. Yet…I feel it is still important to share my lovely evening at Gingerboy!

So…back in April, the day after my boyfriend’s birthday, I treated him to a night out at Gingerboy, another fine dining experience tucked away in the laneway world that is Melbourne CBD.

As we arrived we entered the small buzzing venue and headed upstairs for a glass of champagne to start off the evening. The service here was delightful, they know who we were and never miss a beat. After enjoying the relaxed darkened cocktail bar on the top level we headed downstairs to our table, which was situated among the busy dinning room.

This venue is not your standard fine dining, the room is busy and loud and filled with excitement. The tables are close together and the room is dark and moody. This makes perfect sense when you know that Gingerboy serves Asian street/hawker style food, with Thai, Chinese and other Asian influences running through the flavours.

The menu is also different, it is split up into snacks and street foods and then shared dishes. While it can be quite daunting as to how much and what to order the wait staff are fully aware of this and are offering help before asked. Here they suggest four small and one large dish for two people or two small and two large. A make your own adventure street banquet!!

Opting for four small and one large dish to share, we were looking forward to tasting a large variety of flavours.

First of the small tastes were the famous Son in Law Eggs served with chilli jam and asian herbs. Having heard a lot about this dish I was quite excited! The waiter informed me that the egg must be placed in your mouth whole to avoid it exploding…wow! This was definitely an experience, the crisp outer of the egg burst to release a whole soft-boiled egg into your mouth at one time. Not a huge fan of soft-boiled eggs, it wasn’t my favorite dish of the evening. It was however a fun experience!








We then had the coconut-marinated kingfish served with peanut tamarind dressing and rice noodles. This was outstanding. The sashimi was like butter and the sauce was creamy and rich. The noodles created crunch and texture and completed the taste.

Then we had the pork and chive dumplings with Sichuan chilli dressing. Wow did these pack a punch! The chilli hit you straight in the face. The filling was flavoursome and tender and the combination was great.

My standout favorite small food, was the last to come and it was the Spiced wagu beef with broken rice, smoked tomatoes and lettuce cups. This twist on san choi bao was amazing! The beef was juicy and so flavoursome. The lettuce provided crisp and fresh relief from the intense flavours and richness from the beef. I could not stop talking about these.

After entrée we were keenly awaiting what main would bring. Our Nonya Chicken Curry with Kifler Potatoes and rice crackers served with Coconut Rice was divine! It was by far the best curry I have ever tasted. Cooked in coconut cream, the curry was strong in flavour and spice and rich and creamy in texture. The chicken was perfectly tender and the rice crackers again gave texture contrast and crunch. To top this meal off was the delicious coconut rice, which accompanied it. It was sticky and creamy and yum. There is no better way to describe it.

When I thought I had experienced all the taste sensations I could for one evening, dessert arrived. We ordered the Spiced pear crumble with citrus custard and vanilla bean ice cream to share. Think crumble melted into creamy custard and then spice from the chilli flakes speckling the top and that’s what this was. It was so much more creamy than your standard crumble and the hit of chilli was quite fun! It was delicious as well as exciting!








All in all Gingerboy provided not only a night of amazing food, but a night of fun, new experiences and taste sensations I could never have imagined!

I am dying to go back and try all the other creations they are whipping up.


For more information


27/29 Crossley Street

Melbourne Vic 3000

(03) 9662 4200





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