Cocktails @ Manchuria, Waratah Place, Melbourne

Take the turn down the dark laneway and head up the cold dark dirty stairs and open the big cushioned doors and entre a different world! A classic Melbourne laneway experience, the exterior of the cocktail bar Manchuria gives nothing of its interior away.

As you walk in you will be greeted by dark sexy mood lighting, welcoming booths and expert decoration creating privacy.

It is the cocktails and the knowledgeable bar staff that keeps me coming back here. The menu offers a range of weird and wonderful concoctions, yet they will make you anything and everything you ask for. They are always fun and smiling and willing to give you their time, regardless of the cue often seen on a busy night.

A favourite of mine here is the Bittersweet Lover, served bright red with rosewater and rose fresh petals. Sweet, smooth and delicious, this drink will literally transport you to another time!

Other exciting experiences here include the insanely intense ginger cocktail and the beautifully yellow passionfruit creation served with a florescent fresh flower.

This place is fun, exciting, and offers the perfect escape for a night out!

For more information


7 Waratah Place

Melbourne VIC 3000

(03) 9663 1997

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