Pre-show Dinner @ The Long Room, Collins St, Melbourne

The other night my boyfriend and I had tickets to the wonderful acapella group Naturally 7. With the show at 7 30, an early dinner was in order.

Having been to The Long Room once before in a large group, I thought it would be nice to go back for a quite dinner and a few drinks. With both a sushi menu and an extensive tapas menu, it caters to a wide audience.

At first when we arrived at what should be The Long Room, we were again met with an arcade type shopping center front. Remembering to press on, we ventured inside and made our way down the darkened stairs. As we enter we were welcomed into the dark and seductive world that is The Long Room. Huge leather couches, mood lighting and moose heads make you feel like you’re in a mansion from another century. The beautiful wait staff are more than welcoming and add to the time machine experience.

We ordered a bottle of the Moet & Chandon and settled in to our candle lit table.

I ordered the sushi platter for my meal.

There was a huge and varied range of nigiri on the platter and each piece was just as fresh as the next. Just like good sushi should be, it melted in your mouth.

My boyfriend, not as much of a fan of the sushi, ordered a couple of tapas items.He chose the crumbed calamari with aioli.

Then the chicken gyoza’s. The tapas serves were very generous and were presented beautifully in old school metal frying pans.

The Long Room caters for huge groups as well as intimate dinners and does so with style.

I am already looking forward to going back!

For more information:

The Long Room

162 Collins Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

(03) 9663 7226

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