Fish and Chips on Good Friday @ Fish 349, Hobart, Tasmania

Our first day in Hobart just happened to be Good Friday, one of the only days of the year most places decide to close. Fish 349 however, a licensed gourmet fish and chip/seafood restaurant in the main street in Hobart was open and buzzing!

The five of us squeezed into their last table in the corner and settled in. In the spirit of the trip I ordered my first Tasmanian Sparkling of the week with the Ninth Island Sparkling Wine. I have to say it was lovely…clean, light and fruity.

More importantly…the menu.

Their menu was mainly filled with seafood including calamari, scallops oysters, salmon and prawns cooked and served in various ways. They also offer a whole fish and chip section with your choice of tempura battered, grilled or crumbed fish served with chips. You also have the choice of either flake, trevally blue eye or flathead. As someone who has been on a gluten free (battered fish free) diet for two years, I couldn’t go past the tempura battered flake with chips.

Served with tartar, these fish and chips were delicious. The use of a tempura batter allowed for the flake to be light and non oily; yet stay tender and moist underneath the crisp outer layer. Three of us ordered the fish and chips and all felt it was light and delicious!

Someone else on the table ordered seared scallops with a side of chips and commented on the fresh and beautiful taste of the produce.

There was also a chilli and coriander calamari ordered, which was also enjoyed! It also went nicely with the Boag’s on the side 🙂

Finally…A greek salad was a welcome side to the battered mains.

Fish 349 keeps things simple while using the best produce Tasmania has to offer. It results in classics reliable dishes tasting better than ever

For more information:

Fish 349

349 Elizabeth Street

North Hobart TAS 7000

(03) 6234 7788

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