Exquisite Breakfast @ Stillwater Restaurant, Café and Wine Bar, Launceston, Tasmania

Over the Easter break I travelled to Tasmania with my family for a sort of food and wine tour of the east coast.

One morning in Launceston, using our Iphones, we found what looked to be a nice restaurant 30 minutes away. So off we went, phone map in hand to wander the streets until we found our desired location.

While this can often be a risky move, we arrived at a stunning water front restaurant with a beautiful décor, which coupled sophistication with a homely feel to create a welcoming atmosphere.

After ordering five coffees we examined the menu. It just screamed gourmet breakfast with a twist: Toasts, Bircher muesli and eggs in new and exciting ways.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict with a side of roasted Mushrooms. A classic I thought…yet this was the best Eggs Benedict I have ever tasted. The poached eggs were perfectly cooked, bursting with yolk when cut. The ham was fresh and the ciabatta, which was baked in house was fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.  The mushrooms were roasted in some heavenly mixture of flavours, which hinted at truffle oil. Finally the hollandaise was light and tart and far from overpowering.

Opting for a more unique choice my sister ordered the Eggs Royale, which was two truffled eggs scrambled on ciabatta toast served with house made hot smoked ocean trout and a side of crème fraiche. I think this may have been the happiest I saw her the whole trip, and after tasting it I was not surprised! It was rich and creamy and delicious!

The serves here however were on the small side and due to this two of my fellow diners were still puckish after their meals and decided to order the Ciabatta with butter and house made plum jam. After tasting the jam, they both demanded that I try it. This jam was amazing; it was sweet yet offered a slight spice, providing a warming flavour. I fell in love. Sadly when I asked where I could buy this the waitress told me that it was made in the kitchen and they didn’t sell any. She did however inform me that they added ginger and cinnamon to their plum jam, which explained the warmth and spice. I will one-day endeavour to recreate this masterpiece!

So as you have probably gathered we had a fantastic breakfast! Stillwater also provided us with our lunch for that day from their gourmet Providore located above the café.

Stomachs full from an amazing breakfast and bags full with amazing cheese, pate and crackers for lunch we left Stillwater with a smile.

For more information:


Ritchie’s Mill

Launceston, Tasmania

Australia 7250

(03) 6331 4153



3 Comments on Exquisite Breakfast @ Stillwater Restaurant, Café and Wine Bar, Launceston, Tasmania

  1. Toni-ane Collins // April 28, 2011 at 2:35 pm // Reply

    You are right, I thought eggs and truffles was a big call but they pulled it of beautifully.

  2. Amy, so glad you discovered us, love those iphones! Also delighted you enjoyed your breakfast, we try to serve the best we can breakfast, lunch and dinner and just had the honour of receiving Restaurant of the Year for Tasmania for 2011. Hope to see you back here again…follow your iphone!-Kim (Partner and Marketing Mgr Stillwater/Black Cow)

  3. If you’re ever in Wheaton, IL, try Egg’lectic Cafe, the best place for breakfast among Wheaton restaurants.

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