Welcome home dinner @ Red Tongue, Brunswick St, Fitzroy

After a big trip to America my sister and her fiancé came home wired, excited and a little jet-lagged.

In an attempt to keep them awake til a reasonable hour we all decided to head to Brunswick St for some quiet drinks and a bite to eat.

We found ourselves at a little café called Red Tongue Café.

The menu offers a wide variety of pizzas and pastas as well as a range of other mains including burgers and salads. They also offered a small amount of entrée’s featuring dips and bread and bruschetta.

On this particular evening the open chicken souvlaki with Greek salad really appealed. When it arrived I was not disappointed. Flat pita bread was the bed for fresh salad, tzatziki and beautifully cooked juicy chicken pieces.

The others ordered the Red Tongue burger, which was huge and looked mouth watering; the fettuccini marinara and the special pizza of the night, which while quite small both looked delicious. The food was simple and well cooked; I expect it’s a very reliable venue.

For dessert most of us ordered the Café latte cheesecake as the waitress swayed us by saying she would “sell her soul for a piece of that cake” and she was not kidding. It was divine. The coffee flavour ensured it wasn’t too heavy and the chocolate base complimented the layers beautifully.

Would definitely go back to Red Tongue for good quality reliable meals.

For more information:

275 Brunswick Street

Fitzroy VIC 3065

(03) 9415 9244


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