A coffee and some time to kill @ Eden Espresso, Malvern

With two hours to kill on Glenferrie Road and having had no coffee all day there wasn’t really a question as to what I wanted to do…mission was to find the right café!

Not really knowing he area overly well I stumbled across a cute laid back looking place and took a seat…. The venue…Eden Espresso.

It was filled with wooden, homely furniture with hessian art on the walls and a wooden bar. The staff were all young, funky, laid back and very friendly. As I opened my laptop I saw a sign for free wi fi… I was very happy.

Not only was it the exact vibe I was looking for but the coffee was amazing. My strong soy cappuccino was one of the best I’ve ever had. It was strong and creamy with a generous sprinkling of chocolate on the top.

The food menu also looked great, with a variety of breakfast options.  Mueslis, porridge and toasts, including bagels, fruit loaf and olive loaf and gluten free alternatives made up the smaller options.  Unique breakfasts including mushrooms on toast with herbs and cumin made the menu that little bit different. The standard egg breakfasts as well as the sweeter options were also on offer. To finish the breakfast menu was an endless list of sides, which I believe is the mark of a good breakfast menu. Nothing hit $15 and from what I saw it would have been well worth it.

The lunch menu featured gourmet sandwiches including the Sliced roast beef Sandwich with horseradish cream, fresh tomato, dill pickle, Spanish onion and cos lettuce served on toasted Noisette’s Ciabatta which was $10. Salads, typical main means including a cheese burger and some tapas items finished up the menu, again with nothing more

than $15.

Eden Espesso is laid back, cheap and very friendly. A great weekend breakfast/brunch or lunch venue, or for those times you find yourself out and alone and craving a really good coffee.

For more information:

Eden Espresso

121 Glenferrie Road, Malvern

03 9509 9119




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