Tapas and pizza @ Denn Bar and Restaurant, Northcote

Having walked past Denn so many times but never gone in, I thought it was the perfect place to suggest when a girlfriend asked where we should go to dinner one night.

With wooden and leather décor, Denn had the perfect vibe for the tapas and wood fired menu that it offers.

As the three of us looked at the tapas menu for entrée and had a crazy thought that they might be able to make the dips and bread gluten free as they offered gluten free pizza bases. When we asked our friendly young waiter he was like “of course”…with two gluten free members in our party we were over the moon!

Our shared entrée of grilled gluten free flat bread (with normal bread for the gluten eater ) with dips as well as tomato-marinated prawns was amazing. The prawns were sweet and spicy and the garlic aioli that accompanied them just completed the flavour.









Then to the gluten free flatbread…for those of you who haven’t eaten gluten free bread, you usually wouldn’t eat it alone unless forced! This bread was soft and flavoursome and I found myself eating the garlic and and sea salt topped bread alone, forgetting we even had dips!









Other entrees (all around the $15 mark) included saganaki, vine leaves, marinated olives, and a large range of flavoured flatbreads.

Then to our main. There were pastas, risottos, and meat and fish dishes on offer, yet Denn are known for their woodfired pizzas so we thought it made sense to sample them. With the gluten free bread such a hit, I had high hopes for my pizza.

When my mushroom, haloumi, pesto and sundried tomato pizza arrived my hopes rose again, and as I tasted it I was not at all disappointed. The bread was the perfect crisp for a pizza base and the generous toppings coated every inch!









The other pizzas on the table received the same reception. My sister who is not gluten free also informed me that it was the best normal pizza she has had in a very long time, so don’t feel this place only has gluten free goodies on offer!

Pastas, pizzas, risottos all came around the $22 mark with the steak and fish of the day prices varying a little more and moving closer to the $30 mark.

Another venue I would recommend to lovers of both tapas and pizza and definitely for those of you also on a gluten free diet.

For more information:

Denn Bar and Restaurant

113 High Street

Northcote VIC 3070

(03) 9482 1231



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