The Best Breakfast I’ve Ever Had @ Figs, Carlton North

Sunday morning… with a slight headache from the night before we headed out for a much needed brunch. We were heading to Figs, that is literally a two-minute walk from my house, yet for some reason we had never visited.

As we arrived we entered the tiny café and feared we wouldn’t get a table. The wait staff however was more than happy to change tables around and make things work to accommodate us. Seated and coffee’s on the way we took to the menu.

The best of both sweet and savory were on offer…waffles and French toast with ice creams, syrups and spreads, toast with condiments, bruschetta of pesto feta and tomato and all the eggs you could ask for and more.

I couldn’t go past the green eggs and ham which consisted of scrambled eggs with pesto, smoked ham and spinach on toast (gluten free bread available J ). Both of my fellow diners ordered the bruschetta of pesto, feta and tomato and added their choice of eggs. To note here is how accommodating and friendly the waitstaff are. We ordered three breakfasts and not one was a standard order and she couldn’t have been happier to oblige.

As our coffee’s arrived our headaches started to subside. The coffee here is great, strong, creamy and hot.

Our meals arrived, and we were happier than we had hoped.

My eggs were cooked to perfection, the pesto was crunchy, nutty and flavoursome and the fresh spinach added that touch of cleanness to keep the meal from being too rich.








The bruschetta, with huge slices of feta and the same delicious pesto was served on char grilled sourdough and was also apparently amazing. The serves were very generous and our clean plates demonstrated just how good the meals really were.








One last happy surprise we found at Figs was when we were paying…my meal which included extra charges for gluten free bread and soy milk came to a grand total of $ 15.30.

I will definitely be going back here again and again and I recommend everyone else do the same!!

For more Info:


787 Nicholson Street

Carlton North

VIC 3054

t: 03 9388 1911


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