A little outing inspiration @ “Melbourne’s Bars and Pubs”

As a lover of new venues and old venues becoming reinvented the new book “Melbourne’s Bars and Pubs” excited me!


With Melbourne being one of those cities where any side street or laneway can harbour a gold mine there is nothing I love more than reading about other people’s favorite places to go in Melbourne.


“Melbourne’s Bars and Pubs” showcases just shy of 100 of Melbourne’s bars and pubs. For each venue it has numerous pictures and a seductively written snapshot, with Carlton Yacht club described as a “petit…oasis on lygon street” and Charlie’s Bar described as “luxurious, indulgent and stylish”.


While most bar guides you find will stop here “Melbourne’s Bars and Pubs” goes further to provide that little bit more information. For each venue it also includes information on opening hours, food and alcohol served, atmospheres to expect, dress codes, and prices. All of this information together can make it just that little bit easier to choose a venue when your out and about and are looking for just the right place. There is nothing worse than getting knocked back from somewhere because you didn’t know there was a dress code, or ordering a drink and realizing you cant afford anything but a side salad.


After reading the little pocket sized outing companion I felt my list of “To Go” places grow. I do feel however they missed out on some true Melbourne standouts including Cookie, Gin Palace and even Manchuria, but in Melbourne everyone is going to have their own favorites.


So…if you find yourself constantly asking where to go on a Saturday night, pick up a copy of “Melbourne’s Bars and Pubs” to chuck in your handbag.




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