Fashion, photos, frivolities and of course food @ Mia Antonia

So..when a few stylist friends of mine asked if I would lend a hand in a shoot they were doing, involving food and fashion styling…as a typical girl and a lover of great food, how could I resist??

The day…

As I arrived we set to work on cooking the canapés. Swordfish was diced, chicken was marinated, tart cases were baked. Lychees were blended with vodka, roast beef was seared, sorbet was frozen. All the while conversation, gossip and laughter were flowing!

As the final touches were being done on the food, it was time for the fashion to take centre stage. Tasks changed to nail colour choice, make up application and an extravagant amount of hair spray.

The fashion…

I was fishing through the pile of outfits the stylists had laid out for us and I came across one of the black and white laced long sleeve dresses from the Sass & Bide Winter/Fall 2010 ‘Future Grand’ Collection with my name on it…literally! Then one turned to me and said “Oh, and we have you in turquoise accessories”…I was in heaven!!

While this shoot wasn’t about Sass & Bide I do have to say that this collection is utterly stunning. What comes to my mind when I think about this collection is its amazing ability to offer such sharp lines while still remaining feminine. There is power in it, which I love!   So I was very happy to oblige when presented with my outfit.

As the other lovely ladies and gentlemen put on their allocated outfits, the theme really came to life. With bright colours paired with simple black pieces the outfits looked incredible! The make up and bright nail colours simply complemented the mood.

The menu…

Soy roast beef with pickled ginger, garlic ginger swordfish rice paper rolls, herbed chicken tartlets, lychee martinis and pina colada sorbet, delicious!!

The soundtrack…

Sia’s We are Born album on repeat, just for a little bit of ambiance.

The company…


The Shoot…

With the stylists were busy finishing hair and make up, I made a quick dash to the kitchen to offer assistance. With my outfit sitting like a second skin, I do admit it felt a little bizarre to spoon the chicken into the tart shells and dress the martini glasses with lime, but it couldn’t have been more fun!

Dressed and ready, we headed out to the set of the cocktail party. With the food in place and the bobby pins secure, the camera came out…












For more information on Mia Antonia head to the website:


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