New years resolutions @ My humble kitchen!

So…I’m not really one to make new years resolutions, I seem to find its just a little disappointing when you don’t keep them. This year however I have decided to make a new years resolution I know I will keep and more importantly enjoy!

TO COOK!!! To cook more, to cook what I love, to cook what I don’t know, to cook for those I love and to cook for people I’ve never cooked for!

I decided to start last night…

With a slight obsession with ‘gourmet’ hearty salads at the moment, I endeavored to find a new recipe for me and my sister to have for dinner.

I found a roast pumpkin and lentil salad in one of the many cooking magazines we buy each month.  It had had pepitas , lemon thyme and dried cranberries…I thought it sounded interesting enough to give it a go! My sister who as it turns out didn’t think she liked pepitas or dried cranberries, humored me and said yes!


The recipe…incredibly easy to make, involved roasting pumpkin with cumin and then assembling it with rocket, roasted pepitas , dried cranberries, lemon thyme, and canned brown lentils, then simply drizzle with lemon juice.

It was a huge success!!

With the distinct roasted flavour from the pepitas slamming into the sour sweet combination of the dried cranberries, it was a flavour I have never experienced! The soft spicy pumpkin and the cool brown lentils calmed the palate ready for another mouthful. With its deliciously tart combination, the lemon juice and the lemon thyme together really topped this salad off!

My sister…who is now planning to make it for herself is a converted fan of both pepitas and dried cranberries.

Us impatiently waiting for the pumpkin to roast…





Dinner is served!!




Tell me…What have you been cooking????


1 Comment on New years resolutions @ My humble kitchen!

  1. I have been experimenting of late, a salad of rocket, pear, pancetta and walnut. A warm roast beef salad and a turkish lamb sandwiched grilled in a rotti. Sometimes al that experimentation makes me yearn for comfort food that takes no thought. My favorite comfort food is chicken kiev served on a bed of rice that has had gently fried mushroom and silverbeet mixed through it with cauliflower and a cheese white sauce. Probably a very white meal – the green of the silver beet does add some colour, but so very very comfortable

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